Ontel Products Corp Arctic Air Pure Chill – Alibaba Dropshipping Scam

Getpurechill.com is an e-commerce website. The Arctic Air Pure Chill is a miniature air conditioner, humidifier, and purifier, according to the official website. Other websites connected to Arctic Air Pure Chill: Purechillshop.com Arcticairpure.xyz Ontel.com Ontelcatalog.com […]

Hong Kong’s Margin Holdings Limited FuzeBug – Fake Or Legit?

Getfuzebug.com, an e-commerce website, promotes the FuzeBug. The FuzeBug is a portable bug zapper. Other websites promoting the FuzeBug includes: Fuze-bug.com Get-fuzebug.com FuzeBugdirect.com Fuzebug.net Fuzebug.io Fuzebugdirect.com Fuzebug.org Fuzebug-official.com About The Vendor The Contact Us page […]