3CCASE Jet Body Board Scam – A Chinese Scam Among Many

There is no doubt that you’ll want to hit the beach this summer. Taking a dip in the water after a day on the beach is a good way to cool off. And, you may decide to purchase an electric bodyboard or the jet body board. Unfortunately, a good body board is going to run you a few thousand dollars. You might find 3CCASE and suspect you can buy these products at significantly lower prices.

However, you may be disappointed in the end. Using such websites comes with grave risks. Below, you’re going to learn about the Jet Body Bard 3CCASE Scam.

3ccase about us scam

About 3CCASE

First, it would be wise to learn more about 3CCASE by checking out the website, the about page, and the domain registrant information. By looking at the about us page closely, you’ll find a few things that will concern you immediately. First, the text refers to the website as “yyueb family” and “cs1@junqiservice.com”. Yyueb.com is an identical website likely pretending to sell top-dollar products at bottom of the barrel prices.

Furthermore, the email address cs1@junqiservice.com is used for various websites including YMMODO.com, WellDogGoods.com, Ioiono.com, MeWithNice.com, and others. There is a pretty good chance that these websites are owned by the same individual so the reviews for one will apply to the others.

Look at the reviews for Ioiono’s Shop on Facebook and you’ll find countless complaints. Furthermore, the Facebook page for 3CCASE.com is filled with consumer complaints as well.

This statement “Baby we have more than 250,000 clients and happy customers worldwide!” is laughable at best. It doesn’t help that this statement is used on the About Us page for each website and so many more. If you find this statement on a company’s about us page, you should run for the hills.

chinese scam complaints 3ccase

A Chinese Prank

Unfortunately, we can easily find out that 3CCASE.com is another Chinese prank. When attempting to check out with the Express PayPal option, you can find the signs of a fraud. At the bottom, you’ll find a “Cancel and return to 深圳市美易达供应链有限公司” option. This translates to Shenzhen Meiyida Supply Chain Co. Ltd which is obviously based out of China.

3ccase chinese scam

Unfortunately, 3CCASE.com is likely operated by Chinese individuals who probably have no intention of shipping the products in question. The legitimate body board made by Kymera is roughly $4,000. Do you really believe you’re going to get it for $90?

There are countless alternatives on Amazon but those are likely coming from Alibaba or Aliexpress. Either way, that is a subject we’ll cover at another time.

chinese scam 3ccase

Is 3CCASE A Scam?

In all likelihood, 3CCASE is a scam. You’ll also want to stay away from the brother and sister websites such as WellDogGoods, YMMODO.com, and Yyueb.com. These sites are operated similarly. For instance, Yyueb is using a PayPal account claiming to be 蜂鸟(广州)供应链有限公司 which is supposedly Hummingbird Supply Chain Co in Guangzhou.

Buying from these companies is a bad idea. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a low-quality product. If you’re not, you won’t get anything at all and you’ll have to wait for PayPal to give your money back. Stay safe and stay away from these Chinese web stores.

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Other Sites To Avoid

  • Owlake.com
  • Kidsshop1.myshopify.com
  • Pushsaga.com
  • MarathonHoodies.com
  • Zovient.com
  • OMGCheapStore.com
  • Tredmdoc.com
  • Yyueb.com
  • Fre3c.com
  • Puhigh.com
  • Ioiono.com
  • Biakdnshopmall.com
  • Daijsu.com
  • Popularyshop.com
  • Haijsi.com
  • WellDogGoods.com
  • Xkalzcp.life
  • yltd.store

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