Able Look Online Limited – The Biggest Alibaba Scam We’ve Ever Seen


During the past few months, American consumers have been inundated with a massive influx of scams. Unfortunately, a lot of Americans are still not aware of these scams and this leads to the scammer collecting a lot of money before their scheme is finally shut down. Clean Pure Water, GadgetTechStore, BuzzBGone, Williston Force, and so many others. You’ve heard of them and have thought about purchasing products from one or more of these websites. Before you do, you should get to know more about these sites and their owners.

Below, you’ll learn more about Able Look Online which is running a network of websites selling Alibaba goods at inflated prices.

able look online scam
Able Look Online PayPal Account

Introducing Able Look Online Limited

During our research, we’ve found that foreign scammers are relentless. When they’ve discovered a scam that makes money, they’re going to run with it. This is where Able Look Online Limited enters the picture. The owner of this “company” had success with one Alibaba product so they’ve decided to replicate that plan and do it again with another and another.

When trying to purchase a BuzzBGone bug zapper, we found an interesting bit of information at the bottom of the PayPal checkout page. It says that we can “Cancel and return to Able Look Online Limited”. This is the name of the PayPal account the operator is using for So, what is Able Look Online Limited?

It appears that a company was registered with that name in Hong Kong on January 22, 2019. It has the registration number of 2789918. More importantly, we can easily find that Able Look Online is linked to a handful of websites with BuzzBGone being one of them.

williston force able look online scam

Williston Force Portable AC

When searching for Williston Force, we can find a press release on This press release was bought and paid for and it is filled with grammatical errors. For instance, it says, “Spring breaks began is one-week vacations”. We’ve already written about the Williston Force and we can assure you that it is a product bought from Alibaba, rebranded, and sold at outrageously inflated prices.

More importantly, the press release says that the product is actually being sold by Able Look Online with the address 62543 G/F Bamboos Centre 52 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong. This is one of the many scams being carried out by this individual or these individuals. scam

Next, we have On the site’s Terms of Service, it says this site is “operated by Able Look Online” and it gives us the same address. GadgetTechStore is a basic website designed to advertise a handful of products. The post “20+ Ingenious Inventions in 2020 That Will Soon Be Sold Out” is nothing more than a shameless advertisement. We have to wonder if this individual isn’t selling all of these products. Well, it’ll be easy to find out.

One of the products being advertised on GadgetTechStore is the TVFix Caster. By pretending to checkout using the PayPal option, we can see that the TVFix Caster is using the PayPal account belonging to “Able Look Online Limited”. Yes, that is the same account for Williston Force. Below, you’ll find a break down of the products on Gadget Tech Store and the PayPal accounts linked to them.

  • TVFix – Able Look Online
  • ClipperPro – Quic Industries Inc.
  • SuperBoost WiFi – Think Tech Sales Limited
  • NeckRelax – Able Look Online
  • Pawsafe Nailclipper – Kaizen Clicks LLC
  • MindInsole – Able Look Online
  • Starscope Monocular – Able Look Online
  • SterilizeX – No PayPal
  • RenuBack – Able Look Online
  • VitaHair – Able Look Online
  • InfinitiKloud – Think Tech Sales Limited
  • BarxBuddy – Euronte LLC
  • Mobile Klean – Able Look Online
  • SleepConnection – MCC Management Group Corp
  • FotiaLamp – Able Look Online
  • BetterThanZero – Able Look Online
  • Blaux Oxi Level – Strong Current Enterprises Limited
  • OshenWatch – Able Look Online
  • Blaux In Home – Strong Current Enterprises Limited
  • FamilyGuard Pro – IGC Inc.
  • QuietBuds – Able Look Online
  • Buzz B Gone – Able Look Online

It really wouldn’t surprise me if the owner of Able Look Online owned the rest of those PayPal accounts too. Either way, Able Look Online is selling TV Fix, Neck Relax, Mind Insole, Renu Back, Vita Hair, Mobile Klean, Fotia Lamp, Better Than Zero, Oshen Watch, Quiet Buds, and Buzz B Gone.

tv fix scam

Furthermore, he or she is running which is promoting the products in question. Just check the terms of service and you can confirm this information.

Next, we have This website is using the Company name Able Look Online Limited but a different address. This time, the address is RM 709B 7/F Opulent Building, 402-406 Hennessy Road. When trying to check out on the Clean Pure Water website, we are directed to a PayPal checkout page with the name Able Look Online Limited at the bottom. So, is yet another scam being operated by this same individual.

strong current enterprises scams
Using COVID to scam Americans


And then, there is While the site doesn’t have much in terms of content, it does have an address. The company name at the bottom is Think Tech Enterprises LTD and the address is RM 709D 7/F Opulent Building, 402-406 Hennesy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong. This is the same address as the one used for So, we can safely assume that the owner of Able Look Online owns Think Tech Sales Limited as well.

At the bottom, we find that the site is linked to the Facebook page for “Trendy Tech Media”. On the About section of that Facebook page, we find the phone number 81 995858484 Carlos.


The Addresses

We find it mind boggling that this scam is so massive. When searching for the above address, you will find tons of websites connected to it. This includes the following websites.

  • – Linked To Strong Current Enterprises. Selling another scam product
  • – Mentions many of the scam products including Drone X Pro, NeckRelax, SleepLab, SuperBoost Wifi, Bettercharge, MindInsole, and others
  • – Another scam product
  • – Scam product – Using PayPal account for Able Look Online

The list goes on and on and on. We’ve also discovered that Think Tech Enterprises and Strong Current Enterprises are being sued by The Neck Hammock Inc. Nevertheless, The Neck Hammock Inc. cannot do anything with Strong Current Enterprises, Health And Sole, or Think Tech Enterprises because they’re bogus companies located outside of the United States. Sadly, these people are above the law because they’re anonymous for now.

b and d official store scam
Think Tech Enterprises owns so many sites

The Phone Number

Ultimately, this is one of the biggest scams we’ve seen. By searching for the phone number available on Buzz B Gone, 855 265 4475, we’ll find a bunch of other websites using it. Many have already been mentioned above. They include InfinitKloud, DFY Daily, Buzz B Gone, Health and sole, OneTap Gadgets, GadgetBravo, Bubbly Belle,,, and others. Once again, the sites are owned by Think Tech Enterprises, Able Look Online, or another fake company.

When calling said number, we’re sent to a generic call center. We’re encouraged not to call because the company is overwhelmed due to COVID.

think tech enterprises scam
Instagram linked to Think Tech Enterprises?

The Bottom Line

We sincerely hope this post has been enlightening. We understand that a lot of English consumers buy products online without researching them thoroughly first. When you see a money-back guarantee or a convenient returns policy, you should be able to shop with confidence but you can’t. There are too many scams out there.

We’ve done the research for you and we hope you’ll use it to your benefit. These products are being promoted and sold by the same group. And of course, we can almost guarantee that these products are being purchased from Alibaba or AliExpress. If you buy them from these websites and send money to Think Tech, Able Look Online, Strong Current Enterprises, or one of the others, you’re paying significantly higher prices.

You may never get the product and you’re likely funneling money outside of the United States or the Western world for that matter. We feel it is best to avoid these sites completely because you’ll likely end up disappointed one way or another in the end. These individuals need to be shut down by Google, PayPal, the FTC, or someone with the authority to do so.

33 thoughts on “Able Look Online Limited – The Biggest Alibaba Scam We’ve Ever Seen

  1. I did not research this site I bought several of the products that Face Book and Instagram offered. It was too late my money was already taken out of my account.
    I did receive the products some were undescrible crap. I cant get back. One in particular was a pair of glasses what a real shocker at how poorly they are made. I bought them as a gag gift which I still decided to give them at our christmas party.
    Definite disappointment that for $19.99
    They look like something I paid way too much.
    I have the super boost and I haven’t tried to use it.
    A neck fan also lost money on that. I cant find a way or number to send it back or ask for a refund.
    I found out how to look into the sites and it was too late. I am out of a lot of money.
    I posted on my FB and instagram pages not to buy from their sites without research where it comes from.
    Thank you for posting your information only wish I can get most if not all of my money back.
    Marilori ilijic

    1. Yeah, Facebook allows anyone to buy ads on their platform. Just like Google and Youtube. They don’t care if they’re scamming people or not. It really irks me. Sorry you had to find out the hard way but there might be hope.

      How did you pay? You might be able to get your money back. If you paid through PayPal, I would file a claim and escalate it. Say it wasn’t as described. If you paid with a credit card, you might be able to contact your bank and file a chargeback.

      I would definitely recommend filing complaints with the FTC. Something has to be done to shut down these scam sites.

      1. How do i get my money back for the able online limited monocular binoocluars? I paid through pay pal. im so worried aobut this. and how do i sing up for you website i only see the log in loption

        1. File a BBB complaint against PayPal. They generally do not bother fighting them. We really don’t understand why PayPal is refusing to refund for these scams. Shame on PayPal, simply shutting the account down would put a stop to this scam for a while. They would find another way to purchase another stealth account.

        2. I purchase 2 watches from Able online limited, there were of very poor quality and cheaply made. I filed a claim through PayPal and was directed to return the items to address provided. Sent through post office my money was refunded the next morning.

          1. I purchased wi fi boosters at $123. They do not work. I have been unable to call the company as no one ever answers the line or I get put on hold and then it disconnects. I have disputed the charge on Pay Pal but they denied it because I got the product I ordered. I am so pissed because the boosters do not work. Lesson learned.

          2. PayPal never overturns refund denial decisions. File a BBB complaint against BBB to get your money back. PayPal generally will not fight BBB complaints. I have seen several victims go this route and get their money back. Good Luck. In the future, do not buy from internationally-based vendors. Their government does not hold them accountable. They are scamming vulnerable American consumers out of millions of dollars. Don’t stop until you get your money back from PayPal.

  2. l paid 50 $ for buzzbgone to able look online l m still waiting didn’t get it yet , its been more than17 days .l hope they ll catch those thieves soon .customers out ,pls stop wasting your money those thieves

    1. File a chargeback with PayPal or your credit card company. You should get a full refund. Also, you can file a BBB complaint against the website. We filed an FTC complaint against Able Look Online but it looks like our efforts were futile. If only someone could find out who these fraudsters are, it could be possible to get criminal charges against them. No one is looking out for the consumer. We need to do more by pushing for more awareness.

    2. I also purchased a few Buzzbgone products during the “sale” after researching several bug products, including the cheap one which looks the same on Amazon, and going directly to the site to purchase, and not through the Facebook ad. Thought I was being smart, but I was still dooped into believing that the Amazon product was the “cheap copy”, but when I used the PayPal page and didn’t get an immediate order comfirmation, I got suspicious and jumped on making a claim through PayPal. My claim was one of “potential fraud” and I was contacted via email by both PayPal and the DFYDaily.comSupport email: (“Deals for You Daily proudly supported by PayPal, Visa,…”. A Hong Kong based business)
      A polite email advising that my dispute may affect delivery was sent as was my order confirmation from BuzzBGone complete with details and order # but no tracking #. I had to go the PayPal dispute center to see a statement with a tracking # listed, which may not ever have happened if I had not complained. I don’t know, but I just received the items after a reasonable time, and as suspected, they are the same cheapy one’s that Amazon sells for under $20 each. Now I don’t know whether to try and send them back, but I will try and get my money back through my credit card, using this websites information to help me prove the scam. Since I received the items, I may have to risk a return without a refund before I can attempt the $$ back.
      Good Luck!

      1. These scam artists are profiting millions from unaware consumers all around the globe. The same products are available on Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, and Alibaba. All of these options would be much safer than BuzzBGone. Good luck on send them back. This is not a legit company, they dropship from Alibaba. There is no physical address to send the items back to. You will probably be provided with a mailforwarding address. I think, you only about 30 days to make the request. Start by requesting the return via PayPal.

  3. Paid for the TV fix haven’t gotten it yet, did get a tracking number but damn well know I did get the extended warranty, I never do get those on anything but they charged me for it $11.95

    1. Sorry to hear this. Have you tried contacting PayPal or your bank/credit card issuer? Be sure to file a BBB, FTC, and complaints everywhere you can.

      We were contacted by someone on the inside of one of these scams who said they were making billions ripping off Americans.

    2. I also got hooked on the TV fix. I did receive it but it does not work. I did pay thru PayPal, so I am going to try and get my money back.

      1. Tell PayPal that it was “not as described”. And, be sure to escalate the claim. In all likelihood, PayPal will give your money back. If they don’t, file a BBB complaint against them and they will.

  4. I have been dealing with dfydaily for since Aug 14th, going back and forth, I am surprised they are answering my emails. I asked for an RMA they finally sent me a return address for the rangextd wifi extenders I bought and the $9.99 warranty surprising. I am usually pretty good at spotting fake websites, but I got the products quickly and one of them did work but not as claimed and drop signals like withing 24 hours, so it was useless. I wanted my money back and pursued them relentlessly. I started a dispute with paypal credit just yesterday, they said it would take 60 days! geeze visa only takes 30. I have a the items ready to return but I am wondering will they really refund the money if I return them, this said I am to ship it and get a tracking number and once it is marked delivered I am to contact them to ask for a refund? Now that sounds fishy to me. Not normal procedure, and I don’t have a phone number that is answered, and who is to say they will continue to respond to my email once received? Should I return them they are no use to me, only they have scratched on the face because I took the protective shield of not knowing they would not work..

    1. Ah, that is a difficult situation to be in. They’re located outside of the United States making returns very difficult. I would assume that they’re going to charge you for shipping? If it were me, I would see it two ways. You can continue with the PayPal credit claim and keep the items until you receive a full refund. Or, you can send them back, cross your fingers, and hope for a refund.

      In most cases, these websites just disappear once they’ve received a lot of complaints because everyone is catching on. They move on to creating new websites and starting again. Tough to trust these people when they’re selling bad products at outrageous prices when they bought them for a few dollars.

  5. I purchased the Infiniti Kloud. I got an email from PayPal saying that Able Look Online contacted PayPal for further information about shipping. I got suspicious and looked up Able Look Online. I found this page and now I am worried about my accounts. My credit card account has been charged. I ordered the product on 8/24 but if I do actually receive it by 9/1, I think I will try to dispute the transaction. I will not trust the Infinity Kloud to backup my computer and will still try to get a refund. Thanks so much for publishing this article! In the future, I will research companies online that offer products I’m interested in before I order, from now on!

    1. You should change your passwords immediately and contact PayPal and your credit card company. It is highly unlikely that Able Look Online would gain access to your accounts. However, it is very strange for them to contact PayPal regarding your account. You can try to request a cancellation of your order. But, PayPal is not known to approve a cancellation after 30 minutes of the initial purchase. You can explain to the rep that Able Look Online has been connected to an online fraud scheme, they may get their attention. You may or may not receive your order if you do, it is highly likely you will be very disappointed. This is not a legit company here, it is a group of scam artists taking advantage of unaware consumers. And, returns are out of the question because the organization does not have a real physical address. Good luck, let us know how things turn out for you.

  6. paypal will not let me file a dispute for the transaction for able look unlimited monocular telescope. i am so upet. what do i do. i need a number for pay payl and i cant fine it. can you please help me.

    1. It seems that PayPal is doing what is necessary to avoid live phone calls. You may as well go ahead and file a BBB complaint because a phone call will not get you anywhere. Here is the phone number 1 (888) 221-1161. I would recommend skipping the phone call because it will only take you to a Chinese call center, where they do not care about American consumers. PayPal generally does not fight BBB complaints. Keep us updated on the results. Good luck!

  7. ARGH!!! Normally I’m really good at spotting these fake sights/products. However, my wife talked me into the buzzbgone as she is extremely sensitive to mosquitoes and does not like to use our patio because of them. This seemed like a reasonable solution. ARGH!!!

  8. I purchased 1 Oshen watch in August and immediately noticed I had been charged for 3 at a cost of £123.00. I tried to send an email to PayPal but had no reply. I decided to send the watches back in the 30 days they said in the advert and the only address I could find was on the package so I sent the 3 watches back to an address in the Netherlands by Royal mail at a cost of £9.00 for tracking only to receive the package back yesterday with a sticker insufficient address. Should I try to get in touch with PayPal again ?

    1. This is not a real company you are dealing with. There is no return address other than a mail-forwarding service. I wouldn’t stop until I got my money back. Go through Facebook to access PayPal, this helps sometimes. Good Luck!

    1. there is no return address. You will need to contact PayPal or the scammer who sold it to you. If you purchased utilizing your credit card, you should be able to get a refund fairly easy. PayPal will deny your refund request unless you send it back. All you need is a tracking number that shows it was delivered to the vendor’s address. Good luck, these are scam artists from India. They are not being held accountable for their fraudulent actions.

  9. DO NOT BUY InfinitiKcloud product(s)! No matter what reviews say!
    They have SUPERB copywriters with superb claims, etc. …
    BUT ,the products may or may not work and if they work it may not after a while. The ones I purchased worked for 8 weeks, until they sent a required software download which ended up not allowing me to access 90+% of 500+ files saved and not allowing any new incremental files to be loaded (even though it showed 70% of capacity unused)!
    After 3 long calls (to the Philippines) and 5 emails I found out they do NOT have a Technical Svce Dep’t; although they will say they DO have one and will say someone from it will call you in 30 minutes after talking with a customer service rep… no one calls back!
    I had 2 other external hard drives I use so I did not lose any files. I took a hammer to the InfinitiKcloud memory stick/flash drive! ALSO, do NOT assume if you upload saved files on it to their ‘kcloud’ that it is ‘secure’; I did not use this feature an d have since learned there is a likelihood files/data being uploaded there are NOT SECURE, are being viewed by others!

  10. Also… InfinitiKcloud is owned by “Able Look Online, 62543 G/F Bamboos Centre, 52 Hung To Road, Kwung Tong, Hong Kong”…the owner/founder is a known Alibaba vendor using fraud across a number of products, and closing and opening up companies when the legal issues become too hot.

    1. Be prepared, you will be charged a restocking fee and return shipping fee, which probably goes to China. If you get lucky, Able Look will have a US post office or UPS box. Good luck!

  11. To Peter Klein / about InfinitiKloud


    i buy a big package “infinitikloud” and get no money back.


    1. You should file a BBB complaint to get your money back. The scam artists fear BBB, which will be your only hope of getting a refund. They would like nothing more than for you to just throw in the towel. Good luck, thanks for reading and sharing.

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