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Diabetes freedom is the official vendor of the dietary supplement, AcidaBurn. The formula combines psyllium, aloe vera, black walnut, and flaxseed to support healthy weight loss.

The Manufacturer

The face behind AcidaBurn is Applied Science Nutrition, a subsidiary of the MZF Group Inc., according to the official website. Applied Science Nutrition claims to be located at 85 Queens Wharf Road, Unit 3901, Toronto, Ontario M5V 0J9. A business search via the City of Toronto ( website did not render results for Applied Science Nutrition or MZF Group.


A Google search connects the address to a luxury condo in Ontario, according to the Peggy Hill Real broker website.



The website does not provide a list of the ingredients. A Google search proved helpful, but hat legitimate vendor would promote a product without providing an ingredient list. The CDC advises American consumers against investing in unregulated supplements. There is no evidence to support the AcidaBurn formula.

ClickBank Affiliate

AcidaBurn is promoted by ClickBank, the notorious affiliate marketing network. The BBB-accredited company itself is legit, based out of Boise, Idaho. Unfortunately, ClickBank does not have the best online reputation. More times than not, the brand is utilized in the same sentence as “scam.”


ClickBank affiliates are required to meet specific criteria before payment is issued. Breaking it down, ClickBank processes each order and retains the funds until the affiliate meets specific criteria. Refund requests are processed by ClickBank, which is a plus.

Domain Information

The website was registered on November 14, 2020. The registrant contact was documented as the MZF Group.

Image: WhoIs

Mike Zhang

The founder of MZF Group is Mike Zhang, according to the website. A Google Image search of Zhang’s picture shows a connection to Lean Body Hacks, another ClickBank affiliate website.

Image: Lean Body Hacks

Not BBB-Accredited

The MZF Group or Applied Science Nutrition are registered with BBB. There are several brands – Applied Nutritional Sciences, Applied Sciences LLC, and Applied Science Labs – with similar names registered on the BBB website, but not Applied Science Nutrition.

Afterword – AcidaBurn Scam

Is AcidaBurn a scam? Evidence is scant, making it impossible to validate the legitimacy of the MZF Group and Applied Science Nutrition. No BBB accreditation or registration, no business search results via the City of Toronto website, and the available address is a condo.

Image: AcidaBurn

Now, you must ask yourself why in the world would a legitimate company peddle its products through the ClickBank affiliate program. It is not plausible or even probable for that matter.

The vendor definitely put a lot of effort into trying to make the MZF Group and Applied Science Nutrition look legitimate. This is not that uncommon. In fact, it is very common among ClickBank affiliates and independent unofficial website vendors.

There is no evidence of a scam. No BBB or Ripoff Report complaints. However, this is a ClickBank affiliate website, which is questionable at least.

4 thoughts on “AcidaBurn – ClickBank Affiliate Vendor

  1. I ask for a refund the day after I got duped on this crape. I guess im going to turn
    this over to this better business beau.
    I took some or this stuff its no good for me it might be good for someone else.

    1. It probably won’t work for anyone. Who knows what is in this stuff. There is no FDA-approved manufacturing facility when it is made in China or India. Buy an American brand, it would be safer and probably more effective. Good Luck, thanks for sharing

  2. PS I saw several messages you’d refund for any reason you’d refund no questions
    asked I need that money for food. I couldn’t find a retune address I would have returned
    it already

    1. We are not affiliated with these websites, we just review them to warn consumers if they are fake.

      You should contact ClickBank, if they refuse your refund request, file a BBB complaint. ClickBank is notorious for scams and has a boatload of BBB complaints that it addresses. You will probably get your money back. Search for “ClickBank BBB.” Good Luck!

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