Afni Collections – You Can’t Run, You Can’t Hide


Afni Collections describes itself as “a stable company based in the Midwest.” It claims to partner with companies to help them sell their products, collect outstanding debt, provide technical and customer support, and settle insurance claims.

Image: Afni Collections Website

Afni Inc.

Afni Inc., formerly known as Credit Check Inc. and Anderson Financial Network, is an active company registered in the state of Illinois, according to the Office of the Illinois Secretary of State website.

Afni, headquartered at 404 Brock Drive in Bloomington, Illinois, offers consumer collection and web chat solutions, insurance subrogation, and back-office processing to companies and corporations.

Ronald L. Greene is President and Gregory J. Donovan is Secretary of Afni.

Image: Afni Inc. Website

Are Afni Collections and Afni Inc. One In The Same?

The,, and are all registered by Afni Inc. All the sites are hosted by GoDaddy.

Afni Collections Scam? What You Need To Know!

Yes, Afni Collections is a legitimate website. Do not be surprised if you receive a text message, email, social media private message, snail mail, or phone call from Afni, it may be related to old debt. According to some consumers, Afni will not relent until they force you to absolve your debt.

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