Amazon Will Force Sellers To Display Their Names And Address – Privacy Concern Alert

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When it comes to counterfeits, Amazon is at the forefront of the problem. On Wednesday, the company informed 3rd party US-based sellers that it would soon require them to disclose their business name and address on their public profile.

Amazon already requires this of sellers operating on the European, Japanese, and Mexican marketplaces. The policy is designed to help consumers and brands track down sellers who may be selling counterfeit or unsafe goods. The change will go into effect on September 1. While sellers are already required to provide this information to Amazon, it hasn’t been displayed publicly yet. That is about to change.

The policy aims to help consumers vet 3rd party merchants and their products prior to purchase. 3rd party sellers are responsible for more than half of all Amazon sales but the marketplace is overwhelmed with problems associated with counterfeit, unsafe, and expired goods.

Listing seller information on the US marketplace may help consumers track down sellers who they believe are selling counterfeit or unsafe items. It could also lead to a witch hunt and public lashing. One of the biggest problems with Amazon and eBay is the growing number of stealth accounts that use bogus email addresses, physical addresses, and names.

Amazon has a stealth account problem and these accounts often use names and addresses belonging to unsuspecting individuals. Amazon is a massive company and it should be better than this. Instead of exposing the names and addresses of people selling handmade crafts or artists selling oil paintings, it should be cracking down on Alibaba and AliExpress scams.

Unfortunately, the company is harassing its good 3rd party sellers. Many sellers are normal individuals who use their home addresses as their base of operations. That information will soon be made available to the public and at what cost?

It means nefarious criminals will have the seller’s name and physical address. They’re just a few steps away from resetting the seller’s password and robbing them blind. On some websites, we can buy a fully USA-based Pro Verified account for $1,200 and it works for US, Canadian, and Mexican markets.

Again, there is a good chance these accounts are using the names and addresses of real people who know nothing about it. Their identities may soon be used to sell counterfeit goods across the country. And thanks to Amazon, their information will be out there for all to see. The majority of Amazon counterfeits are shipped directly from Amazon warehouses making the company complicit in the matter.

It is only trying to save face now that Nike has jumped ship hoping to restore its name after Chinese counterfeits made it one of the worst shoe manufacturers in the world according to Amazon’s customers. Opening Fulfilled by Amazon boxes and checking for counterfeits would be a good start.

Furthermore, the company should vet its sellers more carefully. Finally, Amazon should begin listening to its customers. Many customers have complained about counterfeits and knockoffs numerous times but Amazon has mostly ignored their complaints. A refund is great but dealing with the problem at its source would be better.

Turning a blind eye and exposing private information in hopes the feds will go after some Joe Schmo instead of the Amazon machine is wishful thinking. The company is and always has been complicit in the matter.

It could easily crack down on the countless accounts selling Alibaba rebranded garbage. Until Amazon takes this problem more seriously, it is only creating more problems for itself and its 3rd party sellers.

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