American Police Officers Alliance – Not Registered As Virginia Tax Exempt Organization

0 is a nonstock corporation aimed at protecting law enforcement officers from “anti-police” politicians and government, according to the website.

About American Police Officers Alliance

American Police Officers Alliance is an active Virginia-headquartered nonstock corporation, according to the Virginia State Corporation Commission Clerk’s Information System. The tax-exempt organization was formed on April 24, 2017, in Arlington, Virginia.


The nonprofit utilizes the address 1655 Fort Meyer Dr., Ste 700, Arlington, VA 22209. A Google search connects the address to a rental virtual office. There are several businesses linked to the address:

Image: Regus Office Space
  • Livewire Corp Inc.
  • Hive International, LLC
  • Eagle Technologies Inc.
  • The Conservation Fund
  • Insight Systems Corp
  • Gotham Studios
  • MyMedCerts VMD Health Care Training
  • Asenti Diligence Partners, LLC
  • Omega Forwarding Group
  • Albers & Company
  • Eagle Project Corporation
  • Wigzi, LLC
  • ShipShape IT, LLC
  • Voruganti Law Firm, PLLC

The President of the American Police Officers Alliance is Ryan A. Meyer and Treasurer Daniel Stuebs. William Casey is also associated with the organization.

Image: Virginia State Corporation Commission

IRS Tax Exempt Organization Search

A nonprofit organization search via the Internal Revenue Service “Tax Exempt Organization Search” tool did not render results for American Police Officers Alliance.

Image: IRS Tax Exempt Organization Search

Wikipedia William J. Casey

A Google search for William Casey did not render results. However, it did connect the search to William J. Casey. It is important to not confuse American Police Officers Alliance’s William Casey with William J. Casey, former Director of Central Intelligence, according to Wikipedia.

Image: Wikipedia

A Google search links Daniel Stuebs to American Police Officers Alliance. No further information is available for Stuebs.

A Google search for Ryan A. Meyer did not provide a connection with the organization. There are several prominent people named Ryan Meyers, none of which are associated with the American Police Officers Alliance.

Not BBB-Accredited

American Police Officers Alliance is not accredited by BBB. The organization does have a BBB filing, with a 1.09-star customer rating. The low customer rating is linked to a series of 1-star reviews. Milton L. reviewed the organization on October 18, 2021, claiming to have been robocalled.

Image: BBB

William Z. left a BBB review on October 7, 2021, making the same robo-calls accusations as Milton. Jon D. refers to American Police Officers Alliance as a “FAKE company”. Another consumer claimed to have received a call from a representative associated with the organization, requesting a donation, which should be paid “ASAP”.

Image: BBB

Jame H. claimed the organization utilizes spoof-calling to contact consumers. Jame claimed the organization utilized his bank’s phone number to get his attention.

Image: BBB

The reviews are all the same, claiming to have been robocalled, spoof-called, and aggressive fundraising tactics.


If you scroll down at the bottom of the homepage of the official website, you will find a Disclaimer. This is an alert for visitors that the organization utilizes automated and auto dialed texts and calls. This validates the numerous BBB reviews where consumers are claiming to have been robocalled by the organization.


Afterword – American Police Officers Alliance Scam

Is American Police Officers Alliance a scam? The organization is registered with the State of Virginia. The Virginia filing provides an address that is linked to a virtual office space. A Google search did not link the office space to the organization. However, it did link the address to various services (listed above). It is questionable why so many companies are utilizing the same office space suite.

The Disclaimer alerts consumers, the organization utilizes automated calls to raise money. Do not leave your phone number unless you too want to be robocalled by the organization.

Nayzayerz conducted a search via the IRS Tax Exempt Organization Search tool without results. The organization is not registered as a “tax exempt organization” with the IRS. This should be a red flag for consumers looking to financially support law enforcement.

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