Anti Pest Repeller Reject – Another Scam Being Sold Everywhere


When searching Google for ultrasonic pet repellers, you’ll likely find ads for Google will allow pretty much anyone to purchase ads on their search engine. With Google, Facebook, Bing, and Youtube, there are no obstacles the company must jump to prove that they’re legit. These companies will sell ads to anyone as long as they have money.

google ad scams
Pest Reject Google Ads

As a result, a lot of people are going to visit after searching on Google. If you’re lucky, you’ll immediately recognize it as a scam. Otherwise, you may buy a Pest Reject and end up regretting it big time.

pest reject scam

Fake Information

First and foremost, you should know that these websites are designed to give a sense of urgency. They want you to feel as if you need to buy the product as quickly as possible or their stock is going to run out. Or, the “one-time fire sale” may end and you’ll have to pay the full price. Furthermore, these sites often display information about previous buyers in the form of a popup.

This is a lie too. Again, the site is urging you to purchase something and pretending that others are doing the same. Another lie is the site’s use of Facebook-like posts to make their product look great. You’ll find such pictures on the checkout page. In most cases, they’re bogus.

pest reject fake sales
Fake to get you to buy

Contact Us

On the contact us page for Anti Pest Repeller, we are given several addresses including one in Canada, UK, and Australia. We have one phone number 1 (833) 394-8271 and the email address On the terms and conditions page, we’re given a different address AntiPestRepeller 421 Northwood Dr. South San Francisco, California 94080-5853. is no longer loading. However, we found another phone number for the site, 415-573-0952. We also find that the product used to be linked to but that site is missing now too. We also see that the product is linked to On that page, it says, “You can return your product to our 3rd party fulfillment house at the below address: 10450 N Airport Rd. Hayden, Idaho 83835.


Idaho Address

By searching the Idaho address, we find This company is offering fulfillment services to mostly foreign companies and individuals. Products are sent to Dollar Fulfillment where they stored until they’re purchased. Dollar Fulfillment then packs and sends the product to the buyer. They also handle returns.

We also find several shady companies using their services including Lumina Bright, MassiveCart, Odyssey Blanket, Drainstix, BowlSparkle, and so many others. This confirms that AntiPestRepeller’s owner is likely located outside of the United States since they cannot pack and handle their own shipments.

ultrasonic pest reject bbb
BBB complaints

Ultrasonic Pet Reject Complaints And Reviews

With the BBB, Ultrasonic Pet Reject has received many bad reviews. One was posted on 6/7/2020. It says, “Horrible company. Tried to cancel the order less than 24 hours after ordering and they refused to do it. Charged me an international fee even though they sent it from MI. Still trying to get a hold of them a refund.”

Another says, “These do not work and company does not give a full refund. Wouldn’t buy from them again.” Peter P writes, “The Facebook ad supposedly quotes a Jon Denton, who supposedly is a university entomology professor. I tried Googling “Jon Denton entomologist” and got no results. I doubt he actually exists.”

Furthermore, the site has 4 complaints with the BBB and all four have gone unanswered.

amazon pest reject scams
Scams on Amazon

Amazon’s Pest Rejects

Unfortunately, Amazon shoppers are getting taken to the cleaners thanks to Pest Reject as well. Amazon’s site is full of Pest Reject products with different names. The Amazon 3rd party sellers are a little more generous though since they’re offering 6 Pest Rejects for $25 or less. Amazon’s Warehouse Deals is full of these products because they’re junk and have been sent back by Amazon customers.

One product, Acetend Ultrasonic Vermin Repeller, has 25 ratings with 2 stars. Most reviews say that the product simply does not work. A used acceptable 6-pack is being sold by Amazon Warehouse Deals for $8.55. eBay isn’t much better but it is cheaper.

On eBay, you can buy 4 Pest Rejects for just $11.99. You’ll just have to hope that moresky-store gets them to your door. That will be pushing it since the seller has lots of negative feedbacks.

chinese alibaba pest reject scam
Chinese supplier of Pest Reject

The Real Cost

So, how much do these things really cost? There are several variations of the Pest Reject on Alibaba. One of the lowest is 54 cents each. You can tell from the Alibaba product page that these products have been mass produced. Ultimately, they’re only worth 50 cents or so. The Alibaba supplier Shenzhen ZTX Technology is encouraging buyers to sell these products in packs of 6 just like those on Amazon.

alibaba pest reject
Pest Reject price on Alibaba

The supplier even uses Amazon’s smiley face arrow.

pest reject on alibaba
Made for Amazon

Avoid is getting attention and sales because Google will sell ads to anyone. As a result, Americans are paying $39.95 for a junk product that was initially sold for 50 cents. Should you buy a Pest Reject from this website? By this point, the answer should be obvious. You shouldn’t. These products are not worth more than a few dollars.

Funny enough, you can get the same product on AliExpress for $2.29 and you’ll get free shipping. AliExpress has its own share of problems and we do not recommend it. Nevertheless, you know what you’re getting from AliExpress and that is Chinese products that will likely disappoint.

pest reject aliexpress
Pest Reject is cheaper on AliExpress

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