Arctic Air Chillbox – Modern Life Trend Vendor Of Cosmic Scope

9 is the e-commerce vendor of the Arctic Air Chillbox. The miniature air conditioner humidifies and cools, according to the official website.

About The Vendor

The vendor, “Modern Life Trend,” utilizes the address PO Box 4219, Garden Grove, CA 92843. A Google search connects the address to a USPS location at 10441 Stanford Ave., Garden Grove, CA 92842.

The vendor utilizes the address 105 Serra Way, #264, Milpitas, CA 95035. A Google search links the address to a FedEx ShipCenter.

Image: Google Search

Alibaba Replica

The Arctic Air Chillbox Ultra Portable AC is a replica of an Alibaba Home Mini Air Conditioner. While the images are different, both units share nearly all of the same features. If you compare the images of both units, you will notice both have a digital display on the top in the rear, white finish, gray vents with a center lip, and a top lid that opens in the front.

Image: Alibaba
Image: AliExpress
Image: AliExpress

The Alibaba price is $4.65 per unit, while the Arctic Air Chillbox is priced at $114.

Domain Information

The website was registered on May 21, 2021.

Image: WhoIs

Business Search

A business search via the California Secretary of State website did not render results for Modern Life Trend or Arctic Air Chillbox.

Image: California Secretary of State

Not BBB-Accredited

Modern Life Trend is not accredited by BBB. However, it does have a BBB filing, with a D+ rating. The filing utilizes the address 105 Serra Way, #264, Milpitas, CA 95035. The same address is provided on

Image: BBB

AfterwordModern Life Trend Scam

Is Arctic Air Chillbox a scam? Is Modern Life Trend a scam? Modern Life Trend is notorious for the Cosmic Scope, which is an Alibaba replica. The Arctic Air Chillbox is also an Alibaba replica. The vendor most likely ships from the AliExpress location in California.

Both provided addresses are suspicious, as one is a USPS PO box and the other is a FedEx virtual mailbox.

A business search did not render results for Modern Life Trend. No business listing rules out the possibility of a California business. Modern Life Trend is the vendor of the Cosmic Scope, which hundreds of consumers have discovered to not be legit.

The mini air conditioners available on Alibaba and AliExpress are not genuine air conditioners. There is no freon or refrigerant, but a USB computer fan. The air generated by these units is minuscule at best. There are tons of these unofficial vendors online, all of which are peddling the same products.

9 thoughts on “Arctic Air Chillbox – Modern Life Trend Vendor Of Cosmic Scope

    NEED RMA TO RETURN (6) BREEZE BOX MY ORDER #2155728, 2155734 & ID 2155728 & 2155734 ** WHAT ADDRESS TO I SEND THEM BACK-??**

    SEND TO P.O. BOX 4219

  2. I received 2 portable heaters. They require to be plugged into a 220-240V/50 Hz socket. Our sockets are 110 V. Is it safe to use this heater with a 110 V socket?
    L. Tottori.

    1. We are not associated with Artic Air. If you want to return this pile of scrap, you will need to go through PayPal or your credit card company. Request a return, which will probably cost you more than it is worth in shipping. These scammers do not live in America, they are Chinese and Indians. You may want to go ahead and file a BBB complaint because you are not going to get a refund without a fight. All of these miniature air conditioners and heaters do not work like the vendors guarantee. They are nothing more than a pile of scrap. A bit of research would have saved you a headache and money.

  3. I want to return this Portable Heater. It does NOT work as advertised and it falls out of the wall recepticle.

    1. We having nothing to do with Artic Air. You must return to the same website, you made the purchase through. We are not an e-commerce vendor, we are a product review website.

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