Aspen Acreage CBD – Associated With Vytalyze CBD Oil

0 is an online CBD oil vendor. The Aspen Acreage CBD formula consists of 300 milligrams of CBD and zero percent THC, according to the official website.

Image: Aspen Acreage

About Us

The website does not have an About Us page. The Contact Us page shows the physical address 14100 McCormick Dr., Tampa, Florida 33626 and toll-free phone number (844) 342-7592.

A Google search shows the address is connected to various brands, including Pure Solutions Global, Living 10, Bio Lab Naturals, Natural Powers Nutrition, Ten Institute, and Skinergy.

Try Vytalyze CBD

When you click on the ‘Yes! Order Now!’ feature, you are transported to a different CBD vendor website “” Vytalyze CBD is slightly different than Aspen Acreage CBD. The main difference is the strength, which is 500 milligrams of CBD.

Image: Vytalyze

Vytalyze utilizes the same Tampa address as Aspen Acreage. A business search via the State of Florida SunBiz website did render results for Aspen Acreage or Vytalyze. However, it did render results for ‘Vytalyze Minds,” which may or may not be associated with Vytalyze CBD. Vytalyze Minds’ physical address is 14125 NW 80th Ave, Ste #206, Miami Lakes, FL 33016. So, there is no evidence that the two are connected.

Image: Florida SunBiz
Image: Florida SunBiz

Not BBB-Accredited

Vytalyze or Aspen Acreage are accredited by or registered with the BBB.

Questionable Claims

Both websites claim they were featured on various TV outlets, including The Doctors, CNN, Discovery Channel, Time, and NBC. A Google search did not validate these claims.

Facebook Page

The Vytalyze CBD Oil Facebook page does not have a lot of activity. However, the vendor does encourage consumers to make purchases through the website It is questionable why the vendor directs Facebook users to a domain other than the official website.

Image: Facebook

The Aspen Acreage CBD Facebook page has not been active since January 23, 2021.

Domain Information was registered on October 14, 2020. was registered on September 24, 2020.

Image: WhoIs
Image: WhoIs

Afterword – Aspen Acreage CBD Scam

Is Aspen Acreage CBD a scam? There is not enough evidence to make this claim. However, it is fishy that the website connects directly to Vytalyze CBD to complete the checkout process. It is unclear why the vendor opted to go this route, but this is very common among scam websites. Now, this is not to say Aspen Acreage or Vytalyze is a scam. It is just saying scam artists invest a lot of money in their websites, which means they want them to last as long as possible. If this means creating a new website landing page and connecting to the original website, it means exactly that to conceal their scam activities.

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