Aurora Brite – Anti-Aging Miracle Or Another Scam To Avoid?


Nobody wants to get older. Many people would do or pay anything to make themselves look and feel younger once again. This is why many women and some men are searching the Internet, finding Aurora Anti-Aging Skin Cream, and buying it immediately. Unfortunately, many are being ripped off as a result of their hasty decision. Within this guide, you’ll learn more about Aurora Brite and the Aurora Anti Aging Skin Cream.

aurora brite scam

About Aurora Brite

When searching the net, it is tough to find anything about Aurora Brite or the company behind the product line. Instead, we find a lot of blogs created on free websites such as ZohoSites, WordPress, and Google Sites. The majority of these sites are leading to a review of Aurora Brite on Unfortunately, the content on that website is clearly not written by a fluid English speaker.

“This age defying cream addresses the issue of each lady managing aging sufferings” is just one of the many sentences that’ll leave you scratching your head. Furthermore, the site has written positive reviews for a lot of other scammy products including Rapid Fast Keto Boost, the Blaux Portable AC, Alpha Titan Testo Pills, and more.

Another website we encounter is but that site is now missing. Then, we find the BBB page for Aurora Brite and it is not pretty.


Aurora Brite BBB

On the BBB page, we find the address and phone number used by Aurora Brite. The address is PO Box 3419 Huntington Beach, California 92605 and the phone number if (844) 534-9677. So, it would be wise to search the websites linked to this address.

When doing so, we find several health-related businesses using the address. They include Emboa Rx, Tru Slim, TharlaxRX, Nuva Clear, and Aurora Brite. The address was once used by Aire Rite AC & Refrigeration but that company went into bankruptcy in late 2012. The address was also once used by Pat McCormack Plumbing in Hunting Beach.

So, the plumbing and HVAC companies were likely legit. Tru Slim, TharlaxRX, and the others were probably scams.


Embova RX

Since they’re using the same address, there is a good chance that Embova RX and Aurora Brite are linked one way or another. Embova used the phone number (800) 251-4902. In 2017, David M. left a frightening complaint about EMBOVA supplements on the official BBB page. “I took the supplement EMBOVA as stated on bottle. I started getting hot flashes right away and then starting throwing up to the point of dry heaves. I have not gone to the Dr. yet but advise people to be very careful when taking.”

Embova RX never responded to this complaint. Furthermore, the BBB attempted to contact the company on February 14, 2020 to inquire about its advertising of free trial periods for products. The company hadn’t responded as of February 26, 2020 and likely still hasn’t.


Tru Slim

Next, we have Tru Slim. This company was also selling vitamins and supplements. While it was using the same PO Box in Huntington Beach, its phone number was (877) 202-6439. This site had 3 complaints in the last 3 years and none of them have been closed or answered. Customers say they purchased a free trial and were only to pay for shipping and handling.

However, they were shocked to find out that their credit card was charged for $89 or even $188. Also, one individual says they quit taking the product because it made them sick. These problems were never addressed by Tru Slim’s owners.

bbb complaints aurora brite

Everything Is Gone

Now, it seems that everything for Aurora Brite Cream is gone. The website is missing and the Facebook page has disappeared. Despite the missing website, Aurora Brite is still available from one seller on eBay. A 15ml bottle of Anti-Aging Cream is going for $60 and $10 shipping. A 0.50 ounce bottle of Advanced Eye Serum was once available on Amazon but it is currently unavailable.

The only legitimate thing that remains is the BBB complaints. The last complaint was placed on 1/24/2018. A customer says they ordered a skin and eye product for less than $10 and told they could cancel within 14 days if not satisfied. The individual claims they never received the products at all but was charged nearly $99.


What To Do About Aurora Brite

Aurora Brite seems to be gone. Thankfully, you shouldn’t have to worry about this scam too much since the owner has closed shop. The only problem is that the owner has likely moved on to another scam. Before buying any skincare, anti-aging, or supplement products, it is essential to research the company. If they’re using any of the addresses or phone numbers mentioned above, you’ll want to avoid buying anything from those companies.

Also, I would avoid buying any of the Aurora Creams being sold by the individuals trying to flood NayZayerz with spam. Other webmasters will want to ban this IP address because it is being used to spam comments across multiple sites.

aurora cream scam

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