Aventino Watches – Fake Or Legit You Decide!


Aventinowatches.com is an e-commerce timepiece vendor.

About The Vendor

There is no relevant information about the vendor on the website. No physical address, no phone number, nothing that could be utilized for validation purposes.

Domain Information

The website was registered on January 7, 2018.

Image: WhoIs

Not BBB-Accredited

Aventino is not registered with or accredited by BBB.

AliExpress Look-A-Like

While there is no validating information available on the Internet, an AliExpress search revealed a watch that is very similar to the Aventino Gemini Series Augusto, which is priced at $159.87. The Men’s Luxury Fashion Business Watch (image below) is priced at $3.33 plus $1.32 for shipping.

Image: Aventinowatches.com
Image: AliExpress


The watches share many of the same features – a metal band with silver finish, oval date window, hour and minute hand with silver finish, second hand with silver finish and red tip, and indented hour markers. There is only one difference – the Aventino logo.

AfterwordAventino Watches Scam

Is Aventino Watches fake? There is not enough information to validate the genuineness of Aventino Watches. The website has minimal online visibility, other than a boatload of questionable reviews.

There is one factor that makes the legitimacy of Aventino Watches questionable. This factor is the AliExpress replica. The Aventino Gemini Series Augusto and AliExpress replica share all the same features, excluding the brand logo.

Product rebranding is a big deal to Chinese manufacturers, not all, but some. Nearly all the products sold on the Alibaba and AliExpress marketplaces have been rebranded. Many Chinese manufacturers are desperate to market their products, which is where rebranding comes into play. Chinese manufacturers allow “affiliates” to market their products for a few bucks. Affiliates rebrand the products, utilizing a fake logo they claim is legit. This is a deceptive practice that leads consumers to believe they are dealing with legitimate companies. When they are really dealing with Joe Schmoe affiliates.

The thousands of unofficial e-commerce vendors are not legitimate companies, but affiliates rebranding Chinese-made products. This is why it is crucial to conduct a comparison of any products you are interested in buying from unofficial websites.

Amazon and eBay are also promoting these products. Do your research beforehand to avoid overpaying.

2 thoughts on “Aventino Watches – Fake Or Legit You Decide!

  1. Hey, I stubled upon your website for looking for the ‘realness’ of Aventino Watches. After seeing the Ali Express picture I see it’s just a rebranded version of a cheap watch. So thanks for your comparison. Saved me a $159,-!

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