Aviafun Store – Legit Or Scam?


Aviafun Store is a website claiming to authorized by Schwinn. Connections with distributors, warehouses, and factories allow the company to offer large discounts. The website’s About Us Page is enough to make the assumption the owners are not American-based. The non-native English content is plagued with grammatical errors.

If you dig a little deeper, you will find an email link to Schwinn’s customer support. This is very deceptive indeed. If you had an issue with your order, why in the world would you need to contact Schwinn? Wouldn’t you want to speak with an Aviafun representative instead?

The website is also utilized the phone number (213) 696-8519, which is registered in Whittier, California. The number is utilized by various websites, including Nineolo, Sasneaklab Store, Onbella, and Littlean. All of these websites have been caught up in scams.

There are only a few authorized Schwinn dealers. These include Amazon, Walmart, Target, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Academy Sports. There is no mention of the Aviafun Store.

Aviafun Store Scam

Nayzayerz has determined that the Aviafun Store has the potential to be a scam. There is no possible way for this so-called authorized dealer to sell a brand-name Schwinn product at a 75% discount.

We focused primarily on the Schwinn High Timber ALX 24. The Aviafun Store utilizes the same stock picture as the Official Schwinn website. The difference is a $27.24 discount offered by the Aviafun Store.

A similar bike is being sold by third-party Amazon seller, SuperServiceAlways, for $479.99.

After hours of scouring through the AliExpress website, we could not find the exact bike. However, there were a few with some of the same features, including wheel size, color, brake system, and frame design.

In this case, if you purchase the Schwinn High Timber ALX 24 from Aviafun Store at a 75% discount, who is to say you will receive the real deal? The odds of this happening are slim to none.

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