Berrylook – AliExpress Dropshipper And Scam Artist!

0 is an online fashion vendor. The Berrylook collection includes t-shirts, swimwear, pants, footwear, jackets, dresses, handbags, gloves, and bracelets.

Image: Berrylook

About Vendor

The About Us page shows the address fifth floor 3 Gower Street, London, United Kingdom WC1E 6HA. A Google search connects the address to various websites, including Sunhigh Control Limited, Alphabetrade Co., Limited (Crazy Fairings), XIANGXINLI Group LTD (Scoriff), and Ala Baby UK Investment Limited.

Image: Google Search

The content claims the website is connected to PAICKER UK Limited. A business search via the UK government website Companies House validates PAICKER UK as a private limited company. The retail company was incorporated on March 19, 2021.

Image: UK Companies House

A business search for Berrylook did not render results.

Image: Companies House

PayPal Account

The PayPal account belongs to Berrylook, not PAICKER UK.

Image: PayPal

Not BBB-Accredited

Berrylook is not accredited by the BBB. But, it is registered with BBB. The registration utilizes the address 4875 E Hunter Ave, Anaheim, CA 92807. The website has an F BBB rating and a 1.11-Star customer star rating. Over the last year, Berrylook has closed 48 complaints, regarding order processing issues, no refund on canceled order, poor quality attire, non-deliveries, wrong size, fake tracking numbers, and unauthorized charges.

Image: BBB

AliExpress Look-A-Likes

The Berrylook collection is not unique. For example, the Berrylook Shawl Cap Face Mask is also available on AliExpress, both are sold just below $7.

Image: AliExpress

Afterword – Berrylook Scam

Is Berrylook a scam? It does appear to be, according to the numerous BBB complaints and F rating. It is unusual for an AliExpress dropshipper to not increase its prices to make a profit. After reading the BBB complaints, it appears the scam artist has no intentions of processing the customer’s order.

Image: BBB

Most of the attire sold on AliExpress and Alibaba are low-quality and runs smaller than American sizes because they are made to fit petite Chinese females. So, you can pretty much guarantee, the clothes will be at least one size smaller.

It is obvious, Berrylook has nothing to do with PAICKER UK. The PayPal address is listed to Berrylook, not PAICKER UK.

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