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American consumers are so accustomed to online shopping, they sometimes forget the risks. Online retailers like Amazon Marketplace protect their customers from retail fraud. Consumers expect the same protections from all e-commerce retailers, a major mistake.

Nayzayerz has created a compilation of online scams for the average consumer to be on the lookout for in 2023.

Kamikoto Kanpeki Knife Set Scam – Knife Set

Kamikoto Kanpeki has a 4.2-star Trustpilot rating. The reviews are a mixture of negative and positive. A customer review, posted on December 12, 2022, claims the knives are low-quality and made in China. Another customer claimed the 7-inch Santoku Knife had a “thick blade” that got stuck in “hard foods.” The customer also alleged the blade “became dull.” Kamikoto allegedly provided the customer with a “bad address.” Both customers describe the website as a “scam.”

Kamikoto Kanpeki scam
Image: Trustpilot

Kamikoto is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, according to the official website. The Return Police does not provide a return shipping address, which may be a red flag.

Kamiko Kanpeki scam
Image: Kamikoto Kanpeki

Kamikoto Kanpeki scam! Kamikoto Scam!

Pawsionate Scam

BBB has rated Pawsionate an “F” over 50 resolved and unresolved customer complaints. Customers claim the vendor doesn’t process or ship orders, respond to refund requests, and has poor customer service.

Pawsionate BBB complaints
Image: BBB

The “F” BBB rating and hundreds of customer complaints over the past three years validate Pawsionate is a scam.

Dialwidgets.Com Scam instantly transfers visitors to Any website that claims to help consumers earn thousands of dollars weekly should draw some red flags. In the real world, it’s nearly impossible to earn that kind of money working on the Internet. Even the highest-ranking freelancer doesn’t come close to earning that kind of money.

Be cautious when providing your personal information to money-making gimmick websites.

Feetify Scam (Istafeet Scam)

Feetify is a potentially fraudulent website that draws consumers in by enticing them with a money-making scheme. The Feetify platform allows consumers to sell images of their feet and acquire feet images from other Feetify subscribers.

Feetify sell feet image scam
Image: Trustpilot

The gimmick is a premium Feetify membership for a $49 annual fee. According to several Trustpilot reviews, the platform utilizes “fake reviews” to lure in consumers.

A customer review posted on Trustpilot on April 9, 2022, alleges Feetify utilizes bots pretending to be interested buyers. Members respond to the buyer by sending them sample photos of their feet. The buyer, in turn, claims to be unhappy with the photo.

Feetify only pays for feet photos when they receive positive feedback, according to the Trustpilot review. Check out the dozens of 1-star Trustpilot reviews before signing up for a $49 Feetify membership. Scam

Charmhuts is an AliExpress dropshipper. The Charmhuts collection includes the Family Tree Chart for $17.99, which is also available on AliExpress for a mere $3.15. The entire collection is available on AliExpress and Alibaba at a significantly lower price.

Charmnuts scam
Image: Charmnuts
Charmnuts retail scam
Image: AliExpress

The vendor utilizes the address, 60 Aberdeen Avenue Cambridge, England which is in a residential neighborhood. It’s questionable if there is a #60 flat. Google Maps reveals flats, #62 and #56.

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