Beware: Debyrye Posing As Segway Store – Not An Authorized Dealer

0 is an e-commerce website. The Debyrye collection includes the Segway Ninebot Kickscooter, Segway Self-Balancing Scooter, Segway Kids Bike, and a selection of Segway accessories.

About The Vendor

The About Us page does not provide significant information about the vendor The Contact Us page provides the email address “”.


A Google search connects the address to various websites:


Domain Information

The website was registered on July 2, 2021.

Image: WhoIs

Heavily Discounted Prices

The vendor is offering Segway scooters at heavily discounted prices. For example, the Debyrye Segway Ninebot S-Plus Smart-Balancing Scooter is priced at $95.63, compared to Segway’s $929.99.


The website utilizes the exact same images as, which may be a copywriting violation.


Not A Segway Authorized Online Retailer

Debyrye is not an authorized online retailer or dealer. Segway’s authorized retailers include Rev Rides, ABT, BestBuy, Target, Wellbots, Simply EV, Brandsmart, and Walmart.


Not BBB-Accredited

Debyrye is not accredited by BBB. The website does not even have a BBB filing.

Afterword – Debyrye Scam

Is a scam? There is not enough information to validate these claims. However, the heavily discounted prices are concerning. Debyrye claims to offer brand-name Segway scooters for 1/10th of the retail price. How is it possible for a third-party vendor to mark down the retail price so significantly and still make a profit? No even remotely possible or plausible.

A Google search of the provided email address connects the vendor to what some consumers are claiming to be scams.

The website does not provide consumers with a physical address, customer support phone number, or any significant information for validation purposes.

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