Beware: Exipure Is A ClickBank Affiliate Not Made In The USA

6 is an e-commerce site. Exipure is a dietary supplement that supports healthy weight loss.

About The Vendor

The About Us page does not provide any significant information about the vendor. However, the vendor does utilize unrelated research to support its claims, Exipure supports weight loss. It is crucial for consumers to understand, online vendors are constantly utilizing research that is unrelated to their dietary supplement. Exipure is just one example.


To support our claims, scroll down to the bottom of the homepage. Here, you will find the vendor’s Disclaimer. Read it carefully, what does it say? It says this is a ClickBank affiliate and the FDA has not evaluated the claims made by Exipure. In other words, Exipure is making weight-loss claims that are unsupported. There is no evidence, no research, no nothing to support Exipure’s health claims.


Paid Advertisement

The ClickBank affiliate has really outdone himself/herself with paid advertisement. Search for Exipure and what do you get? Google search results that are nothing more than paid advertisements. Again, ClickBank affiliates and other online vendors buy a few press releases to make their products look legitimate.

The Risks

It is unfortunate when consumers are willing to put their health on the line to buy supplements from ClickBank and other unofficial vendors. ClickBank is an online marketplace that partners with people all across the globe to help market their products. The ClickBank Marketplace is packed full of this stuff. While a legitimate company, ClickBank affiliates are rotten to the core, not all, but most of them.

There is no evidence of the actual manufacturer. Most ClickBank supplements are in generic bottles that bear the name, the number of tablets, and possibly the ingredients. Nothing about the manufacturer or third-party testing.

While the vendor claims its supplement is safe, there is no evidence to support the claims. The provided scientific research is not related to Exipure. It is reliable research, but it is not connected to Exipure. When you ingest these supplements, you do not know what ingredients you are putting into your body. Stick with reputable brands sold at Walmart, Kroger, health food stores, and local pharmacies.

Made In The USA

The vendor claims Exipure is manufactured in the United States. While this may be the case and it probably isn’t, there is no evidence to support these claims. ClickBank needs to force its affiliates to disclose their place of origin. The company wouldn’t think of doing such a thing because consumers would catch on to quickly.


This vendor is probably located in a foreign country because most ClickBank affiliates are not always in the US.

5 -Star Trustpilot Rating

The vendor claims to have a 5-star customer review via Trustpilot. A Google search did not render a Trustpilot filing for Exipure.


Not BBB-Accredited

Exipure is not accredited by or registered with BBB. ClickBank is BBB-accredited with an A+ BBB rating and 1.69-star customer rating. In this case, you can trust the customer reviews and complaints more than the BBB rating. BBB likes to protect its members by ignoring their boatloads of customer complaints. As long as ClickBank continues to resolve customer complaints via BBB, it will continue to hold its A+ rating.

ClickBank customer complaints are regarding unauthorized credit card charges, unsolicited spam, refund request problems, shipping issues, and subscription cancellation issues.

Image: BBB


supplement scam
Image: BBB

Fraudulent Endorsements

The vendor utilizes unauthorized endorsements. The BBB complaints validates these claims.

supplement scam
Image: BBB

Domain Information

The website was registered on June 6, 2021.

Image: WhoIs

Afterword – Exipure Scam

Is Exipure a scam? There is no evidence to validate Exipure as a scam. Exipure is a ClickBank affiliate product, you can almost guarantee if something goes wrong, it will. ClickBank claims to be a legitimate, trustworthy business but promotes fraudulent products.

ClickBank e-books are written by BlackHatWorld writers. These are not medical experts or researchers they are affiliate writers. As far as Exipure and other ClickBank supplements go, there is no scientific evidence to back up any of the health claims.

Exipure is not manufactured in the United States. We have reported the vendor to the US Federal Trade Commission “FTC”. This is a fraudulent business tactic to promote unregistered supplements to vulnerable American consumers.

If ClickBank is as legitimate as it claims to be, it would enforce this vendor to remove the Made In The USA claim from its website. This is a federal offense, as it violates the Made in the USA Standard. A class action lawsuit needs to be filed against ClickBank for permitting this fraudulent business practices to continue.

6 thoughts on “Beware: Exipure Is A ClickBank Affiliate Not Made In The USA

  1. How do you know it’s not made in the USA? You’re just guessing.
    I’m not a big fan of it either but you’re just speculating here.

    1. A legitimate pharmaceutical company would’ve gladly provided a real physical address to consumers. You are obviously affiliated with Exipure. We never make false accusations. We provide proof in our content.

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