BEWARE: Ontel Products Corp Chillwell – Alibaba Dropshipper

Online scam is an e-commerce vendor, promoting mini air conditioning units. The Chillwell is a compact, portable AC.

Other websites connected to Chillwell include:


The vendor has purchased multiple paid advertisements to promote its Chillwell Portable AC.

About Chillwell

The Contact Page reveals the manufacturer is Ontel Products Corporation at 21 Law Drive, Fairfield, NJ 07004. The vendor utilizes the email

Alibaba Look-A-Like

Virtually, the same air conditioner is available through various Alibaba and AliExpress vendors. The only difference is the price, which is significantly lower. The Alibaba version is priced at $6.29 per unit. The Chillwell is $89.99.

Chillwell AC Scam
Chillwell Portable AC
Image: Alibaba

Ontel Products Corp – Not BBB-Accredited

American consumers have rated Ontel Products Corp 1.11 out of 5 stars. BBB has downgraded the vendor’s rating to a “B.” A total of 325 BBB complaints have been filed against Ontel Products over the past three years. The complaints are regarding unauthorized credit card charges, malfunctioning products, refund issues, and shipping issues.

Chillwell Portable Air Conditioner
Image: BBB

Ontel Products Corp promotes an extensive product line, including:

  • Arctic Air Pure Chill
  • BrellaShield
  • Arctos Personal Space Cooler
  • Mighty Sight Glasses
  • Ontel Power Pod
  • Miracle Copper
  • Miracle Socks
  • Simple Straight
  • Speedout
  • Wonder Arms
  • Super Bright Switch
  • Turbo Scrub
  • Rocky Mountain Tumbler

Afterword – Chillwell Scam

Is Chillwell a scam? It is if you consider it is not a true air conditioner. The unit utilizes a small computer fan and ice cubes to produce cool air. If you are familiar with a USB computer fan, you know it doesn’t generate air powerful enough to cool a room. These mini air conditioning units are no more than a scam. Now, this is not to say Ontel Products Corporation is going to scam you out of money. No, it just means the boatloads of miniature air conditioners are nothing more than USB fans.

Ontel Product Corp
Image: BBB

Do not fall for the paid advertisement scam. Ontel Products like other Alibaba dropshippers utilize paid ads to legitimize its products. This is also an attempt to hide negative customer reviews via BBB and Trustpilot.

Arctic Air Pure Chill
Image: BBB

As you can see from the BBB complaints, miniature air conditioners from China are ineffective. They are not a pipe dream to help reduce your electric bill. They are nothing more than a plastic box, containing a paper filter, USB fan, and electric components.

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