Beware: Top Tier Chemicals Invoice Scam

24 is an e-commerce store. Top Tier Chemicals claims to specialize in a variety of chemical products. To obtain a link to Top Tier Chemicals’ catalog, consumers must submit a request via email.

About The Vendor

The website does not have an About Us page. The Contact Us page is limited to an email form. A BBB filing provides the address 510 Clinton Square, Rochester, NY 14604. Clinton Square is a multi-story commercial building at 75 S Clinton Avenue in Rochester, New York. The owner, Hudson Advisors L.P., specializes is global asset management solutions.

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“F” BBB Rating

Top Tier Chemicals is not accredited by BBB. The vendor has 38 reviews from various consumers, with a 1.11-star BBB customer rating. BBB rates the vendor an “F” due to the low customer rating.

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The 1-star customer reviews are mostly linked to a fraudulent “sales order”. The reviews claim Top Tier Chemicals is issuing “bogus” sales invoices to random consumers. In a customer review, RB claimed the Top Tier Chemicals invoice is a “solicitation”.

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Top Tier Chemicals is sending sales invoices to commercial consumers for approximately $994. None of the customers claim to have conducted business with the vendor.


Business Search

Top Tier Chemicals is a Domestic Limited Liability Company “LLC” in New York. The company was registered on June 28, 2021, according to Bizapedia. The New York Secretary of State website was down for maintenance at the time the review was written.

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Domain Information

The website was registered on June 24, 2021. The registrant’s contact information is privatized.

Bizapedia 1-Star Rating

Top Tier Chemicals has a 1-star customer rating via Bizapedia. The reviews consist of similar fraudulent invoice claims as BBB reviews.

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The reviews claim to have received sales invoices from Top Tier Chemicals for $900+. 17 Bizapedia customer reviews make the same allegations.

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Afterword – Top Tier Chemicals Scam

Is Top Tier Chemicals a scam? While the company is licensed with the State of New York, its sales invoices appear to be fraudulent, according to dozens of BBB and Bizapedia customer reviews. All the complainants claimed to be unfamiliar with the company when they received their invoices.

If you receive a sales invoice, contact the New York Secretary of State, FBI New York field office, and FTC.

24 thoughts on “Beware: Top Tier Chemicals Invoice Scam

  1. Received an invoice today for $ 991.69.
    We have never heard or purchased anything from TOP TIER CHEMICALS.
    This invoice looks legit, but we have a system in place that requires a PO on all purchases.
    Other folks may pay it with out question & then these guys get a 1K check! That’s NOT right!
    I posted a comment on the New York Atty General webpage. I don’t know how much they can do, but it’s worth the email.

    1. Hopefully a government official or agency will get involved in shutting this scam down. We agree, some companies will instantly pay the invoice without question. Thanks for sharing!

    2. Thanks, we just got a bill for 991.69. And we didn’t order anything plus never received any chemicals. Thanks for information.

  2. Received an invoice dated 10/4/21 for $991.69.
    We have never heard of or ordered from this company. We are a small company in Iowa and do not pay any invoices that aren’t approved by the purchasing agent. He carefully looked this over and found in small print that it was a “solicitation for an order of goods or services and not a bill”. Going to look into reporting to New York Secretary of State, FBI of New York and the FTC as suggested above. I am sure Top Tier Chemicals is fooling a lot of companies with this scam.

  3. We received this invoice wil as all have stated for 993.89 for 2 pails of degreaser. Our accounting dept. is in Canada we are in U.S., they were about to pay this and asked me what it was for. I knew it was bogus, and this had been sent to us before about 5-6 years ago and was paid without someone checking. It is a total scam and if someone isn’t looking at the fine print, they will not see it is a solicitation for an order and not a bill for goods received. Reporting again.

  4. I also received one of their invoices dated 10/18/21 for $996.89 for Multi Purpose Concentrate cleaner and degreaser. We do not order from them and did not receive their product. I had a feeling this was a scam as soon as I saw it.

  5. My company also received an invoice for 2 pails of degreaser @ $456.95 each. We do not do business with this company and knew the “invoice” was bogus when I saw it. There was no purchase order or reference of who ordered these pails. Why would we order such a product from New York when we’re located in Michigan? There are plenty of local companies who carry such products!

  6. Same situation, We received an invoice for $996.69 for 2 pails of cleaner and degreaser and freight. Looks legit but not. Will report to New York Secretary of State, FBI New York field office, and FTC.

  7. Got an invoice for degreaser as well. 2 @ 456.95 with shipping from Fedex for $82.79 which brings the invoice to $996.69. We are a small business and I know all our vendors, plus my parts guy didnt order it. I tried calling number on invoice, disconnected. Then looked online, says new number called it and left a message. Glad you all posted, this is a total scam. Please if you are able to report them let me know and ill email you my invoice as well. Im so tired of opportunists.

  8. Received an invoice for $994.49 for the same degreaser that the above are talking about…What a scam! Thank goodness that not only do I pay all invoices…I also order all product.

  9. I received an invoice today. I always check with my employees when I receive invoices that I don’t recognize. So I caught this one. BEWARE… the invoice was for $994.49…IT is a SCAM.

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