BEWARE: XBP International Melyp Scam

Melyp Joe Doe

Image: UK Companies House is an e-commerce store. The Melyp collection includes cardigans, dresses, blouses, sweaters, and hoodies.

About Melyp

Melyp is owned and operated by XBP International Ltd, according to the About Us page. The vendor utilizes the address 145-157 St. John Street, London, England EC1V 4PW.

Melyp Online Scam

XBP International LTD Business Search

XBP International is a Private Limited Company located at 69 Aberdeen Avenue, Cambridge, United Kingdom, CB2 8DL, according to the UK government’s Companies House business search.

Melyp Joe Doe
Image: UK Companies House

The company was registered on June 7, 2019. This company’s reputation is being tarnished by a single or a network of scammers.

“F” BBB Rating

XBP International Ltd has been rated an “F” by BBB. Customers rate the vendor 1 out of 5 stars. BBB has received 22 customer complaints against the vendor. The complainants claim their orders weren’t delivered, received the wrong items, products were poor-quality, and received poor customer service.

Melyp Online Scam
Image: BBB

XBP International is associated with various scams, including:

Melyp Online Scam
Image: BBB

The BBB filing shows the address 1140 River Rd, #111, New Castle, DE 19720. The address belongs to a vacant industrial building in proximity to Solar Foundations USA. The address is associated with 188 BBB complaints. The vendor utilizes various business names, including:

  • Poomoy
  • Lykydancy
  • Terrapin Team Store
  • Meloedy
  • Halloween Advent House Calendar
  • SF Express (wig retailer)
  • SF Logistics Limited

BBB issued an alert for the address in November 2020. The alert reads, “Consumers report that they do not receive the products as described online or they receive empty packages.” The vendor, Joe Doe, didn’t respond to BBB.

Melyp fashion scam
Image: BBB

The con artist has also scammed eBay sellers. Luclin250 reached out to the eBay community on July 23, 2019, regarding a $300 CPU. The seller claims a customer utilizing the above address purchased a CPU. The customer later filed a return request, which eBay immediately issued. The seller conducted research to determine whether the address was associated with various online scams.

Melyp scam
Image: eBay Community

The scam artist made his way to Amazon. A consumer claims to have purchased Ball Canning Jar Lids from a seller “Joe Doe” who utilized the same address as above. Several Amazon members reached out to the seller to validate the lids were fakes. One member claims Amazon is permitting various sellers to sell generic Ball lids. This is just one reason why Amazon is driving its company into the sewer.

Melyp Fashion Scam
Image: Facebook

Joe Doe was apparently peddling fraudulent Halloween Advent House Calendars, according to a Facebook post. The scam artist utilized the same address as above. The consumer was smart enough to conduct research to determine it was a scam. She took her research to Facebook to alert others of the possibility of a scam. The vendor utilized copyrighted material to promote its scam.

Melyp fashion scam
Image: Amazon

Afterword – Melyp Scam

Is Melyp a scam? There is no evidence Melyp is a scam. However, the vendor utilizes an address linked to hundreds of online scams. Save yourself from becoming the next Joe Doe scam victim by avoiding the website altogether.

If the vendor is utilizing a vacant commercial building as an address, it is a scam.

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