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As schools and businesses gradually open, Personal Personal Equipment is becoming more sparse. U.S. President Donald Trump has begun calling on companies like Gap Inc., American Giant, Aplat, Birdwell, and Camp Collection to begin making masks for health care workers, schools, and other public entities.


This is not to even mention the distilleries and beauty brands making hand sanitizers. Boogie Bottom Spirits, Alaskan Spirits Distillery, Fox Trail Distillery, Crystal Ridge Distillery, ORLY, Chi, and Rituel de Fille are mass-producing hand sanitizers.

U.S. Attorneys Step Up Efforts To Combat Illegal Activity Involving PPE

The U.S. attorneys across the country have joined forces to combat price-gouging, hoarding, and counterfeit PPE. With this said, a few online retailers have remained under-the-radar. sells the YT Kang KN95 Mask, Mightly Hand Sanitizer, Mask Demand Face Mask, Dinghan Medical Disposal Face Mask, and Big Time PPE 350 Gallon Hand Sanitizer.

About Us

The website does not have an About Us page. However, the Return Policy does show the address 220 Exchange Drive, Unit B, Crystal Lake, IL 60014. A business search via the Illinois Secretary of State website validates Big Time PPE as a legitimate LLC that was registered on April 10, 2020.

Image: Illinois SOS website

Afterword – Bigtimeppe Scam

Big Time PPE is a legit LLC based in Illinois. The company, only a few months old, is helping to make PPE accessible to all American businesses. The company’s economical “Business Re-Opening Package” is priced at $319.95. The package includes 12 bottles of hand sanitizer, 50 disposal masks, and 50 KN95 masks. Orders over $100 include free FedEx ground shipping.

Is Bigtimeppe (Big Time PPE) a scam? No, it is a legitimate LLC located in Illinois.

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