BioSoothe Pro (BioSoothie Pro) – Tendency To Enhance Nerve Problems

0 is an online vendor of an over-the-counter nerve supplement. BioSooth Pro derives from natural sources, such as the Feverfew plant and passionflower.

About Us

The website does not have an About Us page. It may as well not have a Contact Us page either, as it provides nothing about the manufacturer. It does provide the customer support phone number (855) 375-0271. A WhitePages reverse phone number search did not render results for the phone number.

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Domain Information

The website was registered on March 16, 2020.

Image: WhoIs

Not BBB-Accredited

The website is not accredited or registered with BBB.

AP News Press Release

Bio Soothe Pro was featured in an AP News Press Release, which reiterates the content of the official website. The press release claims the face behind the supplement is James Stokes. There is no mention of the formula other than “natural composition.”

Image: AP News

Afterword – BioSoothe Pro Scam

Is BioSoothe a scam? There is not enough evidence to make this judgment. The mere fact the website is lacking information about the manufacturer and ingredients is enough to draw red flags. Even if you consider yourself a “healthy person,” it is not a good idea to buy dietary supplements from an unofficial website. Yes, the website is featured in a couple of press releases. The same thing can be said about Blaux AC, Blaux HeatCore, and other products linked to scams.

There is not enough information to safely say this product is effective, safe for human consumption, or genuine.

International vendors opt to utilize American aliases, in an attempt to build their trust among American consumers.

The BioSoothe Pro Facebook page is updated quite frequently, One post shows the vendor switched from BioSoothe Pro to BioSoothie Pro, what is this about?

Since the manufacturer is not registered with BBB, it would definitely not be wise to purchase from its website. BBB is your only hope of getting the manufacturer’s attention, in the event your order is not processed.

Like the title of this review, BioSoothe Pro has the tendency to increase your anxiety and stress, especially if your investment is at risk.

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