Blackstone Outlet – Heavily Discounted Scam Site

30 ( is an e-commerce vendor. The Blackstone Grilloutlet product line includes a 36” Griddle Cooking Station, 36” Griddle with Front Try, 17” Tabletop Air Fryer Griddle Combo, 28” Adventure Ready Griddle Cooking Station, and more.

Heavily Discounted Blackstone Griddles

The Blackstoneoutlet and Blackstone-Grilloutlet claim to offer original Blackstone products heavily discounted. For example, the Blackstone 17” Tabletop Air Fryer Griddle Combo is originally priced at $329.99 (see image below from official The Blackstoneoulet price is $81.00, a 75 percent discount.


All Blackstone products are discounted by 75 to 83 percent when purchased from Blackstoneoutlet.


About The Vendor

The About Us page does not offer significant information about the vendor. The Contact Us page provides nothing more than an email form. The official Blackstone Contact Us page provides both the customer support phone number and physical address.


Amazon Significant Price Increase

As you can see in the provided image, Amazon is an authorized Blackstone retailer.


While this is great and all, it appears Amazon third-parties are capitalizing on unaware, vulnerable consumers. The official website promotes its 17” On The Go Cart Griddle With Hood at $219.99, $233.19 with tax.


Amazon, itself is officially out of stock, but remarkably, Amazon third-party sellers have somehow got their hands on a few of these grills. However, if you want to buy from an Amazon third-party seller, you will have to pay an additional $135, compared to the official retail price.

Image: Amazon
Image: Amazon

The image below captured the 3 lowest prices, with the top seller topping the price off at $432.99, just shameful.

Scan the image below and you will see an Amazon seller utilizing the username “A.m.a.z.o.n Pride”. one of the Amazon sellers is double-dipping, It gets better, one seller has two listings with a price variance of about $3.


PayPal Payment

Blackstone does not accept PayPal, but Blackstoneoutlet “Blackstone Outlet” does accept PayPal. Nayzayerz completed the PayPal checkout process and discovered the vendor is no other than 合肥玉见你餐饮管理有限公司, translated Hefei Yujianyou Catering Management Co., Ltd. A Google search did not render results for the Chinese vendor.

Image: PayPal
Image: Google Translate

Google Image Search

A Google Image Search connects the Blackstone Outlet images to and of course, the official website,

Image: Google Image Search

About Blackstone Products

A business search via the Division of Corporations and Commercial Code ( validated Blackstone Products as an active Utah-headquartered business.

Image: Utah Division of Corporations and Commercial Code

Domain Favicon

Blackstone Outlet tried to be clever by adding a favicon to replicate the official Blackstone favicon. Unfortunately, the vendor did not pull it off so well. If you look closely at the official and unofficial favicons, you will notice a slight difference between the two. The official Blackstone favicon is orange with no backdrop, while the Blackstone Outlet favicon is orange with a white background. This is just one way to determine if the website is the real deal, in this case, it is no.

Image: Domain

Domain Information was registered on June 8, 2021. was registered on July 6, 2006, to North Atlantic Imports LLC in Logan, Utah.

Image: WhoIs
Image: WhoIs

Afterword – Blackstone Outlet Scam

Is Blackstoneoutlet a scam? Is Blackstone Outlet a scam? Yes, it is a scam. The Chinese vendor has replicated the official Blackstone Products’ griddle images. The PayPal username does not match up with the brand, but instead, a scam artist based in China. The domain registration is not even close to being similar to the official domain.

Selling brand-name products at a 75-percent discount is ludicrous. Only a scam artist would be willing to accept a financial loss. In this case, the scam artist would not really be accepting a loss because he has no intention of processing the order.

North Atlantic Imports or Blackstone Outlet are accredited by BBB. North Atlantic Imports is registered with BBB, having a B rating.

Be cautious when buying from Amazon third-party sellers who are significantly increasing the retail price on average of $100. Some go as far as to charge consumers shipping fees, even though they are not actually shipping. Dropshippers do not own the products they sell, but instead, order the products as gifts and ship them to the unaware customer. How does the dropshipper benefit from each sale? Each sale earns a profit, without the dropshipper investing any time, money, or effort into the sale.

Not only is dropshipping poor business practices, it is a breech of confidentiality and a violation of Amazon’s seller policy.

30 thoughts on “Blackstone Outlet – Heavily Discounted Scam Site

  1. Thanks for this review. There’s also another fake Blackstone website – Blackstone-grilloutlet. Summer is here and grill scams are on the rise.

  2. I was in a hurry to buy soI didn’t check the website out. I paid with a credit card through PayPal. They did send me an order confirmation and tracking. It was through USPS and it was shipped before the date I ordered it.
    It said it was delivered the day that I placed the order. I knew then I had been scammed.
    What do I do now? I have never had anything like this happen to me.

    1. File a chargeback with your credit card company. If you file a chargeback with PayPal, you will probably get your money back. PayPal generally does not dispute chargebacks through credit card companies. We need more public awareness on these scams. The SEC and FTC need to step up to the plate. As long as PayPal, Facebook, Amazon, and other big corporations are making money on these scams, they will continue. Good Luck!

    2. I just did the same. First time being scammed. So mad/embarrassed. PayPal refused my dispute. I am going to dispute with my credit card company.

      1. Same here. They said they sent me the items with a tracking number. They sent a LEGO piece! I am trying to get Paypal to shut them down .. .My dispute was closed AND I was double charged…. making me even madder… I will dispute through my bank now.

        1. It may be a good idea to file a BBB complaint against PayPal. Filing a complaint through BBB will get PayPal’s attention. So, you can speak to a real person not a robot. PayPal complaints are initially automated and denied if a tracking number is provided. Getting in contact with a live representative could help your case.

  3. Is very hard to believe that they keep doing this to many people i been scammed too smsh

    1. PayPal, Google, FTC, and SEC refuse to step up to the place. We need more public awareness. Be sure to share your experience with other consumers. There are loads of these scams online. Never buy from an unofficial website without extensive research. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I was scammed too. They provided a tracking number for a First Class Mail item with tracking information that indicates something was delivered, which of course it wasn’t. I went to my local USPS and they said they received an item with that tracking information that was sent to a fake address. PayPal will not do anything for me because the seller provided a tracking number which shows something was delivered to my address. I’ll have to contact my credit card company since PayPal Resolution Center is a joke!

    1. File a BBB complaint against PayPal. Just this week, PayPal announced it would no longer disperse funds immediately upon customer payment. This change is probably due to so many online scams. Do not stop, PayPal is not known to fight BBB complaints.

      Any time, there is a website selling brand-name products at a fraction of the cost, it is most like a scam. If it is too good to be true, it is not true. Good luck and thanks for sharing.

  5. I was scammed, but they took it from my bank account. I closed my account but do U have any recourse if the money came out automatically to a prepaid PayPal account? It looked legit. I caught it right after I hit pay. Too little too late. Argh. was the website, but not really. 😡

    1. If you paid with a PayPal prepaid credit card, you are out of luck. But, if you paid with your PayPal debit card, you can file a chargeback. You could try a BBB complaint, this may get you a refund. Most scam vendors will not respond to BBB complaints or offer a refund immediately. Good luck!

  6. I ordered one for my husband for our 21st Anniversary.
    They took us for 93.00. I called to day and they explained it was a scam. I have MS and it was a lot for me to be able to get it for him.

    But I know I’m not the only one

  7. I was scammed as well … I placed an order on July 17, 2021 as surprise for someone and waited 9 days and never got a tracking number so I called Blackstone and was told to call the credit card and let them know I was scammed so I could get the money back. This was the first time and last I will ever order offline with a company that I never dealt with before. Blackstone should as make sure that somehow they get the site shut down because it also makes them look bad as well.

    1. Totally agree, Blackstone is allowing this to happen, hurting their own brand and losing money in the process. Amazon has already did enough damage to American brands, permitting its third-party international sellers to promote knockoffs as genuine products. Just look at the Amazon reviews for Nike and Reebok, all the same – a size too small and lower quality than previous order. eBay and Amazon are platforms for Chinese junk. And, one wonders why American industry is becoming non-existent.

  8. If you see a price that’s to good to be true that’s because it is. There are several websites that sell “Blackstone”. Buy from a reputable company like Amazon Walmart etc. I fell victim to this scam myself. I’m not sure why Google keeps letting these rip off companies put their websites on their browser?

    1. We could not agree more, there is no consumer protections in place. American consumers should never purchase from an international e-commerce store because of corruption.

  9. My husband and I were scammed last night. When I saw the payment went to a chinese name my heart sank. I quickly changed my PayPal password and contacted PayPal. This morning PayPal said they ruled in my favor however the money is coming out of my bank account. How do I stop that?

    1. Contact your bank early Monday to find the best route to take. The money probably will be available in your PayPal account. There is likely no way to stop the payment from being processed at this point. PayPal generally has a 30-minute window for cancellation. Count yourself lucky, you and your husband were observant. Also, be cautious because these sites collect payment information through payment processors. Some scam vendors have been known to utilize this information to process payments without the customer’s authorization. Thanks for sharing, good luck.

  10. I just got scammed Saturday. Same as all above stories. PayPal denied my dispute. They said that there was a tracking number and it was delivered. I am so mad. I am going to dispute with my credit card today. I am also going to try to figure out how to file this with the BBB.

    1. Paypal denied my dispute and I called and talked to someone. I reviewed the tracking information and it said it was sent Parcel Select Lightweight (which has to be a lb or less) and it was put in or at my mailbox the same day I filed the dispute. For one, we have centralized mailboxes with parcel boxs, which the size of this item would not fit. If it had been put on my porch, I would have know about it- I was home and I have a camera on my driveway and on my porch that notifies me when anyone walks up. And the big thing is that this tracking number never showed up on my Informed Delivery – I have never had something shipped USPS to me not show up on my Informed Delivery. So that tells me it was delivered to someone else or it was a fake address. I am going by the post office to see if they can see what address was on that tracking number.

      1. These scam artists are utilizing fake tracking to validate orders are shipped. If you can prove to PayPal the tracking is fake, you may get your money back. Also, we recommend filing a BBB complaint against BBB. state your reason as the vendor has a history of scamming consumers. Thanks for sharing!

        1. I posted below that I was able to get a letter from the post office stating that the address on that tracking number was not mine. PayPal has found in my favor. All I did was go onto the USPS site and submit a form on this tracking number. You have to ask for a letter/email indicating that it was not sent to your address. They will not give you the address but will state it wasn’t yours. Thank you so much for this site.

  11. I did the same as users stated above. I filed a dispute with PayPal, the “vendor” then provided a tracking number, so PayPal closed my dispute. I proceeded to take the provided tracking number and investigate with the postal service. They responded quickly telling me the street address it was actually shipped to. I appealed my closed case with PayPal. Once I provided an email from USPS showing the address it was addressed to and delivered to, they opened my dispute again and closed it in my favor. They are refunding my $75. Don’t give up, it took some persistence but you can get refunded.

    1. Can you tell me where you were able to go on USPS to get an email back from them. I would rather do that than drive down to the post office considering the time of year it is.

  12. Just FYI – I was able to get our local post office to send me a letter (via email) that stated that the tracking number they provided to PayPal was not for my address (which I basically already knew since it did not show up on my Informed Delivery information). I called PayPal back and discussed with a new person and asked if he could open the case back up so I could attach the letter and additional documentation. He did open it back up but also found in my favor (he believed me about the letter) so I am getting a refund. He said to hold onto the letter in case they appeal it (which we both doubt they will do). He also told me that this company is on their radar and if they get a certain number of these chargebacks they will be banned from PayPal but I am sure they will just open up a different account. I can’t believe I fell for this scam but I will be extra diligent from now on.

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