Blaux Blast Auxiliary AC – Compares To A USB PC Fan

0 is an e-commerce website. The Blast Auxiliary AC cools and purifies, according to the official website.


Other Blast Auxiliary products:

  • Blaux Blast Auxiliary Portable AC G2 – $99.99
  • Blaux Blast Auxiliary In Home Charcoal Bags – $9.99
  • Blast Best Auxiliary Heater – $99.99
  • Blaux Blast Auxiliary Wearable AC Plus – $89.99
  • Blaux Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan – $79.99
  • Blaux Blast Auxiliary In Home – $79.99
  • Blaux Blast Auxiliary Portable AC – $99.99

About The Vendor

The About Us page does not have any significant information that could be utilized to identify to vendor. A BBB filing shows Blaux utilizes several alternative names – AC Store Online, Think Tech Sales, Strong Current Enterprises Limited, and Blaux Portable AC Returns.

Image: BBB

The BBB filing has an alert that claims Blaux has a history of non-existent customer support, unresponsive to BBB complaints, failure to heed Refund Policy, and process and ship orders. BBB recommends victims dispute Blaux credit card charges.

Image: BBB

Blaux has an “F” BBB rating and a 1-star customer rating. The low rating is related to 102 unresolved BBB customer complaints.

Image: BBB

A BBB complaint, filed on June 19. 2021, describes the Blaux Blast Auxiliary Portable AC as “an expensive little fan and not an effective air cooler.” Another customer complaint filed on May 26, 2021, accuses Blaux of false advertising. The customer purchased the Blaux Blast Auxiliary Portable AC to discover it was not an air conditioner. The customer described the output as “barely blow air fans.”

Image: BBB

Another complaint claimed Blaux charged the customer’s credit card without authorization. The customer claimed to have completed Blaux credit card form but did not submit it. At a later date, the charge appeared on the customer’s credit card statement. Bluax charged the customer $22 for return shipping. The dispute was still open as of April 26, 2021.

Most of the customers received a refund via a credit card chargeback.

Other websites connected to Blaux Blast Auxiliary:


Blaux Limited

Blaux Limited is registered with the State of Delaware as a domestic corporation. The filing was filed on June 7, 2021. Please note, there is no evidence that connects Blaux Blast Auxiliary with Blaux Limited.

Image: Delaware Secretary of State

PayPal Account Suspension Or Not?

Blaux advertised a PayPal payment option, which is no longer available. With the vendor’s long history of defrauding consumers, it is possible PayPal suspended Blaux’s account. Here again, there is no evidence to back up this theory.

Blaux is connected to DFY Daily, a Thinknix Enterprises Limited website. Thinknix Enterprises is a Delaware domestic corporation. The company has a 1-star Bizapedia rating due to unfair business practices.

Image: Delaware Secretary of State

DFY Daily utilizes the return shipping address 1286 University Ave., San Diego, CA 92103, a FedEx authorized ShipCenter facility.

Afterword – Is Blaux Blast Auxiliary Portable AC A Scam?

A BBB complaint said it best, Blaux “stalls past 180 days so they can scam hard working people.” This behavior is very common among online scam vendors. Blaux has a significant history of scams.

The Blaux Blast Auxiliary website does not provide consumers with a physical address, customer support phone number, or other valid information. This alone should be enough to deter consumers from investing in Blaux products.

Blaux sells its Evaporative Air Cooler G2 on the Amazon Marketplace. The Amazon rating is 2.9-star. What most people do not know about Blaux heaters and air conditioners is they are nothing more than miniature USB computer fans. Each unit weighs less than 2.5 pounds.

Do not forget about the BBB alert for Blaux. The alert recommends victims of Blaux

The Blaux AC and Blaux Heater will not replace the real deal.

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