BlendGood – Beware Reward Program Scam!

0 is an e-commerce store. The BlendGood Portable Blender powers on a 4000mAh battery, which offers a runtime of 30 minutes, according to the website.

About The Vendor

The merchant, BGPortable LLC, requires all returns to be shipped to the Westfield Sydney Mall, Market St., Sydney NSW 2000. Customers are responsible for return shipping costs, according to the website.


Not Accredited By BBB-Accredited

BlendGood or BGPortable are not BBB-accredited. A business search via the Australian Business Register ABN Lookup did not render results for BGPortable.

Image: Australia Business Register ABN

Checkout Process

The BlendGood checkout process requires customers to verify a CAPTCHA, which is odd. Even odder, the client is required to choose from a list of free reward offers – a $1,000 Visa Gift Card, Get A New iPhone 12 Pro, and Get Your Free iPhone 12 Here. Click on one of the options and be directed to another unrelated website. We clicked on the Get A New iPhone 12 Pro fear and were redirected to Since we opted out of the offer, we were eliminated from completing the checkout process.


It appears the vendor is earning cash every time someone signs up for a reward program.


Alibaba Replica

The BlendGood Blender is an Alibaba replica, priced at $.99, compared to $49.99. If the two blenders are one in the same, BlendGood will not meet the customer’s satisfaction. The non-refundable return shipping fee is enough to deter you from returning to the merchant.

Image: Alibaba

Aferword – BlendGood Scam

BlendGood Portable Blender Scam! Is BlendGood Blender a scam? Yes, the entire website is a reward program scam. There is no way to get around the CAPTCHA, which is linked to a reward program. The vendor is most likely profiting every time a consumer enrolls in one of the reward programs. The merchant’s goal is most likely not to sale its BlendGood Blender, but to get consumers to sign up for the reward programs.

Besides, the exact same blender is available at Alibaba for $.99. The BlendGood price is $49.99 per unit. If the retail price is $.99 cents, will the BlendGood Blender stand up to its $49.99 price tag? If it fails to meet your satisfaction, you will be responsible for the return shipping.

The return address is another red flag. There is no evidence, BGPortable is a legitimate Australian company. There is no shop in the Westfield Sydney Mall relevant to BlendGood. The non-refundable return shipping is a deterrent to discourage clients from returning to the merchant.

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