Blood Balance – A Mixture Of Who-Knows-What

0 is an online retailer of Blood Balance Advanced Formula. The retailer claims the ingredients – white mulberry leaf, Juniper berry, Berberine extract, cinnamon bark powder, and bitter melon – derive from natural sources.

About Us

The website does not have About Us or Contact Us pages, making it impossible to validate the legitimacy of the manufacturer. However, the website does claim the supplement is produced in a GMP-verified facility in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Image: AliExpress

Domain Information

The website was registered on May 23, 2020.

Image: WhoIs

Health Benefit Claims

The website provides a list of government links, in an effort to back up its health benefit claims. For example, the website claims its product lowers blood pressure. A study posted the NCBI website shows mulberry leaves inhibit the Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme (ACE), resulting in lower blood pressure levels.

Image: NCBI website

Fake Sales Popup

The website utilizes a plugin that shows false sales. Every second a popup appears on the screen. The popup says “24 people bought this in the last hours!” There are only a few websites – Amazon, eBay, Chewy, and Alibaba – that can genuinely make this claim.

Afterword – Blood Balance Advanced Formula Scam

Blood Balance is not listed on BBB, which is definitely a red flag. American consumers need to be aware when buying supplements from unknown online retailers. It is highly likely the retailers are buying the supplements in bulk from AliExpress and Alibaba and mixing them in their homes.

As for Blood Balance, there is no legitimate company connected to it. If you place an order, you may or may not get it. If it does arrive, it will probably be a mixture of who-knows-what from China, India, Nigeria, or Columbia.

If you look closely, you may just find the same or a similar supplement on Amazon. Even these are not 100% safe because most of the supplements on Amazon and eBay derive from Alibaba and AliExpress.

There are side effects, contraindications, and other health risks of nutritional supplements. There is not enough evidence to validate the safeness of Blood Balance or any nutritional supplement for this matter. People with diagnosed hypertension and hypotension should not take these products without consulting their physicians. If you are hypotensive, Blood Balance could lower your blood pressure to dangerously low levels.

If you are hypertensive and are taking a prescription ace inhibitor, Blood Balance could lower your blood pressure to dangerously low levels. In many cases, it is possible to lower blood pressure naturally. Walking more and eating healthier are just two examples.

Is Blood Balance Advanced Formula a scam? Probably, as there is no information available about the manufacturer and it is not listed on BBB.

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