BoltzPro – Alibaba Dropshipper Not American-Owned

0 is an e-commerce site, specializing in USB chargers. BoltzPro is a compact charger with four USB ports. The vendor claims its BoltzPro charges 4 times quicker than other USB chargers, according to the website.

Other websites connected to BoltzPro include:


About The Vendor

The website does not have an About Us page. The Contact Us page provides the address 2345 Vauxhall Rd., Union, NJ 07083. The address is linked to a logistics company, American Cargo Express, according to BBB.

Image: BBB

The vendor utilizes the email address and phone number (844) 995-1644.

Alibaba Look-A-Like

BoltzPro is a replica of an unbranded unit available through Alibaba. The unbranded unit is priced at $3.20 while the BoltzPro is $37.99.


The same USB charger is available through other online brands:

  • Huawei
  • Angerla
  • Multivoltz
  • Solvolt
  • Nohon
  • QuickChargePro
  • Oklarich
Image: Alibaba

American Company Claims

BoltzPro claims to be an American-based company. A business search via the New Jersey Department of the Treasury Division of Revenue and Enterprise Service did not render results for BoltzPro or Boltz Pro.

Image: New Jersey Department of Treasury

Afterword – Boltz Pro Scam

Is Boltz Pro a scam? Is BoltzPro a scam? There is no evidence to support these claims. The vendor does not provide a physical address for its business. The provided address is a logistics service.

Online visibility for BoltzPro is limited to paid reviews.

BoltzPro claims to be based in America, which is nothing more than a fallacy. A business search via the NJ Department of Treasury website did not validate BoltzPro as a legitimate business in the United States. Nayzayerz has reported BoltzPro to the FTC for its American-owned claims.

The same USB charger is available through AliExpress, Alibaba, and other online vendors.

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