BTOFXI E-Commerce Store – Dropshipping From AliExpress & Alibaba

0 is an e-commerce site with a decent selection of footwear, gaming equipment, hunting, and camping gear, and clothing.

About The Vendor

The website describes BTOFXI as a “cross-border e-commerce company”. The About Us page provides the address 837 Salamonie Avenue, Huntington, Indiana 46750. Google Maps shows the address as a residential establishment.

Image: Google Maps

Business Verification

A State of Indiana IBIZ Business Search did not validate BTOFXI as a legitimate business.

Image: IBIZ

Domain Information

The website was registered on July 7, 2021. The Registrant Contact is listed as Kevin Randal of Kelly and Cohen at 837 Salamonie Avenue, Huntington, Indiana 46750. The Company Profile shows BTOFXI was established in 2018.

Image: WhoIs

Alibaba Look-A-Likes

Many items from the BTOFXI collection are AliExpress and Alibaba replicas. For example, the Colorblock Patchwo Long Sleet Blazer Dress, priced at $26.34, is also available on AliExpress for $18.98 and Alibaba for $10. The same dress is available through various online merchants, including:

  • eBay
  • Trendygifts
  • Sietenotas
  • Kcapl
  • Zipy
Image: AliExpress
Image: Alibaba

Not Accredited by BBB

BTOFXI is not accredited by or registered with BBB.

No Online Visibility

The website does not have online visibility, other than a few reviews.

Afterword – BTOFXI Scam

Is BTOFXI a scam? There is no evidence to make such claims. However, the vendor appears to be an Alibaba/AliExpress dropshipper. There is no legitimate evidence to validate the merchant’s claims of being an international company. The physical address is a residential establishment, not a commercial property.


The merchant claims to have founded BTOFXI in 2018, but the WhoIs registration says otherwise (July 2021).

The website is not registered with BBB, making it difficult to find legitimate customer reviews. There are not customer complaints or reviews as of yet. The website is only a few months old, which explains everything.

BTOFXI prices are only slightly inflated, compared to AliExpress, and significantly more inflated than Alibaba. Like most unofficial sites, the vendor may just be trying to make a profit dropshipping. Unfortunately, this is an unlawful business practice, as it requires the exchange of consumers’ personal identifying information with third parties. Dropshipping puts all impacted consumers at risk of identity theft.

We highly suggest a product and price comparison. And, never input your personal information into the payment processor form unless you are positive a purchase is what you want. Some payment processors collect and store this data, allowing online vendors to complete the checkout process without consumers’ authorization.

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