Buddha Power Store – Empty Promises Of Wealth And Power


The Buddha Power Store was established by Squalet, a PTE LTD company based in Alexis, Singapore. The website offers a small selection of jewelry starting at $19.95 and going up to $45.

Each piece has a primary function. For example, the primary function of the Pixiu Bracelet is to attract abundance, wealth, and good luck. It also wards off evil spirits, according to the product description.

It All Sounds Too Good To Be True – Is It?

Well, let’s start by saying the website is a legitimate Shopify store. Nayzayerz did a GST Registered Business verification check of Squalet through the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore website, a legitimate government agency of Singapore. There were no records found on the business.

The website utilizes a plugin that shows the most recent sales. This plugin is utilized by online stores to entice visitors to make quick purchases. While there is nothing wrong with the plugin, in this case, it pops up every few seconds, revealing the name of a new buyer each time.

PayPal Accountholder

The Buddha Power Store PayPal account is Dotzero Ple LTD. It is possible this scam artist has more than one website. If you want to verify if it belongs to the same individual, you can go through the process of checking out via PayPal to find the accountholder’s identity, which is by no means genuine.

Image: PayPal

Buddha Power Store Scam

There isn’t enough evidence for Nayzayerz to say the Buddha Power Store is a scam. However, you can make up your own mind but only after viewing the negative BBB complaints filed against the website.

The website has not responded to a single BBB complaint. It is your call, you decide if it is safe to do business with the Buddha Power Store. Remember, Squalet is not a GST registered business in Singapore.

The address – 2035 Sunset Lake Road, Suite B-2, Newark, DE, 19702 – is being utilized by about 65 different websites, according to Bizapedia.

Update: Nayzayers decided to validate the Buddha Power Store’s domain and discovered, it was created utilizing a proxy. We cannot stress enough the importance of domain research when shopping online. There is a reason why scam artists utilize proxies when creating websites. The main reason is to protect their true identity.

Image: WhoIs

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