Bushiba Buzz – Have You Heard The Buzz?


Bushiba.buzz is an online retailer of Singer and Brother Sewing Machines. The website has a decent selection, all of which are being sold for about 1/3 of the retail price.

Focusing solely on the Singer Confidence Computerized 7640 Sewing Machine. It is being sold on bushiba.buzz for $98.99 and Singer’s official website for $219.99, which includes an $80 discount.

Image: Bushiba.buzz
Image: Singer.com

No About Us Or Contact Us

Bushiba.buzz. Does not have an About Us or Contact page. So, there is basically no information about the website to verify its legitimacy.

Domain Information

Bushiba.buzz was registered on July 23, 2020. There is no information available about the registrant.

Image: WhoIs


There is nothing about this website that says legitimate. No Contact Us, About Us, phone number, physical address, Shipping Policy, Return Policy, or other information that could help legitimize the website.

This is obviously a scam waiting to happen. American consumers need to be aware of the risks when shopping on unknown websites. It also not likely the website is going to send you a new name-brand Singer or Brother sewing machine for 1/3 of the retail price.

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