BUTYCE – Trades 5-Star Product Ratings For Discounts And Freebies


Butycevip.com is an e-commerce vendor. The BUTYCE collection includes an electric hand massager and a portable nebulizer. The BUTYCE Hand Massager is priced at $115.99, while the BUTYCE Portable Nebulizer is priced at $45.99.

Image: Butycevip.com

About The Vendor

The About Us and Contact Us pages do not provide significant information about the vendor.

Freebie Offer

BUTYCE offers consumers an opportunity to earn a free gift and cash reward. A 5-star review will earn you cash rewards. An Amazon purchase of a BUTYCE product will initiate the process. Once you receive your order, you must visit the website to complete the review process, which also activates the warranty. Complete and submit the form along with your Amazon order number to BUTYCE, according to the website.


BUTYCE guarantees its customers who complete the warranty form and 5-star review 20 percent discounts, online expert assistance, tips, and a long-term warranty.

BUTYCE Studio VIP Club

BUTYCE has a VIP Club customers can join to receive freebies.


Alibaba Look-A-Like

BUTYCe products are not unique, as they are available on Alibaba. For example, the smaller hand massager is available on Alibaba for $21.80. The larger hand massager is also available on Alibaba for $30.

Image: Alibaba

Not BBB-Accredited

BUTYCE is not accredited by or registered with BBB.

Domain Information

The website was registered on October 26, 2020.

Image: WhoIs

Afterword – BUTYCE Scam

Is BUTYCE a scam? There is not enough evidence to say either way. But, one thing is for sure, BUTYCE massagers are not unique. In fact, it appears the vendor is most likely dropshipping from Alibaba, even with its products sold on the Amazon Marketplace.

Image: Amazon
Image: Alibaba

There is something odd about BUTYCE warranty activation. When consumers purchase products from Amazon, they are generally not required to activate warranties through the brands’ websites. Why would BUTYCE require Amazon customers to visit their website to activate their warranties?

In addition to the odd warranty activation process, BUTYCE entices its customers to rate their products 5-Star in exchange for freebies. This practice could very well be against Amazon’s FBA seller policy. BUTYCE combined its warranty activation with a fake product rating that requires the customer’s name, email, and Amazon order number.

The legitimacy of the BUTYCE VIP Club is also questionable.

The vendor does not provide visitors with a physical address, email address, or phone number. Where is customer support contact information?

Before you purchase a BUTYCE massager, visit the Amazon BUTYCE Store to see the customer reviews and ratings. You must remember, these are Chinese-made products that are sold for a fraction of the BUTYCE cost via Alibaba and AliExpress. Now, this is not to say all products manufactured by Chinese companies are horrible. No, it is just saying the majority of the Chinese-made products that end on Alibaba are generally low-quality.

2 thoughts on “BUTYCE – Trades 5-Star Product Ratings For Discounts And Freebies

  1. Do not do business with this Chinese company (BUTYCE). They do not support their products with warranty (even though they claim to) and have documented evidence of treating customers with racist slurs and profanities. They have been reported to Amazon (their primary store front) and are under investigation.

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