BUYER BEWARE: Torras Coolify Air Conditioner SCAM Or Legit is an e-commerce website. The Torras collection includes the Torras Coolify Bladeless Neck Fan Air Conditioner,

About Torras

The About Us page shows Torras is owned and operated by the Shenzhen Lechuangtiancheng Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhenshi LechuangTiancheng Keji Youxiangonsi, and Shenzhenshi LechuangTiancheng Keji Youxiangonsi. The so-called company operates under the aforementioned names.

Image: Torras Coolify

Torras Smartphone Case Damage

Victoria D. stated in a Facebook post that she purchased a Torras Smartphone Case. She claims the case caused her phone to shatter.

Image: Facebook

Torras Scam Claims

Dule Hill stated in a Facebook post that Torras scammed him out of $20k. Hill claims to have made a bulk purchase from the vendor.

Image: Facebook

Torras responded to Hill about his scam claim. The vendor claims to have conducted an investigation and determined its website was breached. The vendor didn’t offer a refund, which is a red flag. Sadly, it is likely, Torras is a straw company or an individual scam artist from China. There are literally thousands of these scam e-commerce sites online. They operate on Shopify, Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, and AliExpress.

Mini Air Conditioner Scam
Image: Facebook

Scammers are establishing e-commerce websites to scam vulnerable and unaware consumers out of thousands of dollars. We have conducted extensive research to validate our claims. Unfortunately, Hill is just one victim of these fraudulent websites.

Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook

E-Commerce Scams

There are currently thousands of e-commerce scams operating on the Internet. The vendors are utilizing copyrighted material, irrelevant medical studies, fake customer reviews, fake paid advertisements, abandoned addresses, and legitimate company names.

We recently were in contact with a member of a network of scammers from India. The unidentified individual claimed to be part of a scam network, involving mini air conditioners and other products. The individual claimed the network had already defrauded American consumers out of thousands of dollars.

The SEC, BBB, and FTC don’t do enough to protect American consumers.

LinkedIn Fake Business Listings

Any Joe Schmo can create a LinkedIn business listing. Never utilize LinkedIn as a validation source. There is only one reliable source when it comes to verifying business entities. Secretary of State of other government websites. However, be cautious, as there are thousands of fake government websites. Check the domain to ensure it includes “.gov,” otherwise, it is a scam site.

Image: LinkedIn

Too many people are utilizing these government website replicas. They are unknowingly handing over their personal identifying information to scammers in China, Nigeria, and India. This information is being sold to third parties for identity theft.

Amazon Fake Reviews

Amazon is helping scammers promote their products. Once a trustworthy company, Amazon has transitioned into a miniature Alibaba. Amazon released a statement, claiming it was fighting back against fake product reviews. Absolutely, nothing but hot air emitting from one of the largest corporations in the United States.

Never trust Amazon product ratings. The company utilizes a rating system that favors its third-party sellers. Amazon is removing legitimate reviews and feedback while retaining fake reviews and feedback. To determine if a review is fake, click on the customer’s name. If there are only one or two 5-star reviews. it is most likely fake.

An example, Shazoe Wang has three product reviews, two of which are for Torras products. Wang rates both products 5 stars.

Amazon sellers buy fake reviews from BlackHatWorld and other scam sites. They trade fake vouchers for product reviews. The reviewer does not receive a product, just a voucher that makes it appear that way. The reviewer rates the product 5 stars for a few dollars. This is common knowledge on BHW.

Amazon “Little Alibaba” bridges the gap between AliExpress dropshippers and vulnerable consumers.

Most Amazon customers don’t bother leaving seller feedback or product reviews. Unless they have an issue with the seller or product.

Alibaba Seller

Torras Coolify Bladeless Necklace Fan and Torras Coolify Bladeless Neck Fan Air Conditioner are sold on Alibaba. The only difference is the significantly higher price tag.

Image: Alibaba

The Torras Coolify Bladeless Necklace is priced at $59.98, compared to the Alibaba replica at $7. The Torras Coolify Bladeless Neck Fan Air Conditioner is priced at $149, compared to the Alibaba look-a-like at $68. If the seller is one and the same, why the significant price increase?

Image: Torras Coolify
Torras Scam
Image: Alibaba

All Torras products are all available at Alibaba and AliExpress. The vendor is most likely a dropshipper. The replicas may be linked to a lawsuit (see below.)

Amazon Allows Rebranding Of Patented Products (A Felony)

Amazon is promoting a fraudulent business practice known as “rebranding.” Chinese companies have little say when it comes to protecting their patents. While some approve of the practice, others don’t.

Image: Amazon

Amazon has tens of thousands of rebranded Chinese products. This shouldn’t be legal, but the FTC and SEC ignore it. When there is more than one brand promoting the same product, this is known as rebranding. Amazon permits its sellers to rebrand Chinese products to make them appear as if they are legitimate.

Image: Amazon

Amazon and eBay sellers are rarely legitimate companies. Instead, they are individuals rebranding or reselling patented products.

Amazon Deleting Feedback

Amazon is taking it upon itself to delete legitimate feedback. Customers are voicing their complaints through seller feedback. This is a desperate attempt to protect its fulfillment sellers. Shame on Amazon for covering up poor customer service and poor-quality products.

Image: Amazon
Image: Amazon
Image: Amazon
Image: Amazon

Torras Lawsuit

Torras filed a lawsuit against Shenzhen Jisu Technologies. In the court documents, Torras describes its Coolify as an “air fan,” not an air conditioner. The official website utilizes the description “air conditioner.” This is false advertisement. The company does sell a neck air fan, but the Coolify is advertised as an air conditioner.

Image: Lawsuit
Image: Court Documents
Image: Court Documents

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