Buyers Beware: Lean Start Keto Is A Scam


Image: Amazon is an online dietary supplement vendor. Lean Start Keto boosts weight loss, according to the website.

About Lean Start Keto

The website doesn’t have About Us or Contact Us pages. When you click on the Try For Yourself hyperlink, you are redirected to It seems as if the vendor is utilizing a hyperlink to link to two websites together. The reason is unclear.

About ExtraBurn

The website also does not have About Us or Contact pages. The Terms & Conditions policy reveals Extra Burn is a 60-day program, meaning the overall cost is split into three individual installments. An order for two bottles costs $119. An additional bottle increases the price to $159.

Recent Sales Popup

The website utilizes a recent sales popup, which could potentially be bogus. Many e-commerce vendors utilize the popup to entice visitors to make a purchase before exiting. There is no guarantee the vendor is selling this many products. In all actuality, the information is bogus. Again, there is no evidence to support this theory.

Copyrighted Images

The website utilizes copyrighted images to promote its product. The image which contains a man and woman, with a variety of magazines is just one example. The image is utilized by other supplements vendors, including Trim Life Keto, Keto Trim, and Keto Body Trim. The vendor may be connected to these supplements as well. With no evidence, it is impossible to make this determination lawfully.

Image: Trim Life Labs

Sold On Amazon

Lean Start Keto is available on Amazon for a significantly lower price. For a three-pack, it is $37.92. The customer reviews are a mixture of good and bad. Amazon customers have rated the supplement 2.8 out of 5 stars.

Image: Amazon

Contesa claims she saw no significant changes in her weight after three weeks of use. She also claims her blood glucose levels increased after taking it. Victoria V. repeats Contesa’s claim of no weight loss. Twenty-five percent of the reviews are 1-stars.

Amazon has removed all the seller’s 5-star reviews. It appears as if there were three at one time. Remember, Amazon made a poor attempt to erase fake product reviews from its website. There are no 4-star ratings and 32% are 3-stars.

Image: Amazon

F BBB Rating

BBB has rated Lean Start Keto an F for a pattern of bad business practices. The agency issued several alerts for Lean Start Keto. The vendor shows a pattern of being deceptive about its monthly subscription. Customers are automatically enrolled without their knowledge or authorization. This is common practice among unauthorized supplement vendors.

Image: BBB

Another alert pertains to the inability to reach customer support. The vendor has yet to respond to BBB regarding these issues.

Forty-six BBB complaints have been filed against Lean Start Keto over the past 12 months and 92 in the past three years.

Image: BBB

Lean Start Keto Business Search

The BBB business filing provides the address 30 N Gould St., Ste 4000, Sheridan, WY 82801. The address is not utilized by any business. There is a USPS location nearby at 101 E. Loucks St., Sheridan WY 82801.

There are several scam websites that utilize the same address. Galaxy Line, Wyoming Mail Forwarding (temporarily closed), Klean Ears, MRR Collective, ABN Corporation, US Wogd LLC, Parts-Hq, MRR Collective, AutoDynamics LLC, Tbab Holding Company LLC, HomeSafe, Rollun, CIE Learning LLC, Bullet Enterprises LLC, and more.

A business search via the New York Department of State doesn’t have a business filing for Lean Start Keto.

Customer Complaints

BBB complaints claim the vendor added additional charges to their orders. One complaint claims to have been charged an additional $139.92 for the monthly subscription program. Another customer claims the vendor added an additional $50-bottle of Lean Start Keto to her order. The vendor claims to always add additional bottles to their customer’s orders to decrease the price.

Lean Start Keto Scam

Is Lean Start Keto a scam? According to BBB’s “F” rating and alerts, it is a scam. There is no legitimate business located at the address on the BBB filing. The vendor has nearly 100 BBB complaints regarding unfair business practices.

BBB reached out to Lean Start Keto, with no response. The official website being directed to Keto Burn is fishy. This is common practice among online scam vendors. When they build up a reputation of scamming customers, they need a front to continue their illegal practices.

The vendor upcharges its customers by $30 or more in some cases. DO NOT BUY!

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