Buyers Beware Tea Burn – An Adonis Lifestyle Supplement

Adonis Lifestyle Resurge supplement scam

Teaburncom is an e-commerce site for Tea Burn, a fat-burning supplement.

About Tea Burn

TeaBurn is owned and operated by Adonis Lifestyle in Costa Rica, according to the Terms and Conditions Policy. The return address is listed as 6000 Pardee Rd., Taylor, MI 48180. A BBB business filing connects the address to Mel Printing, a printing and shipping fulfillment center.

Supplement scam

Tea Burn has an affiliate program. The Affiliates Policy shows Jackie as the affiliate manager.

Adonis Lifestyle Resurge
Image: BBB

Adonis Lifestyle

Adonis Lifestyle System is a ClickBank workout program. The vendor has other dietary supplements, including:

  • Adonis Lifestyle Resurge
  • Adonis Lifestyle Resurge Deep Sleep & HGH Support Formula

BBB has rated Adonis Lifestyle Resurge a B+. There are currently no alerts for the vendor. Customers rate the service 1.8 out of 5 stars. BBB complaints claim the supplement has side effects (skin irritation) and the vendor doesn’t heed its Return Policy.

Adonis Lifestyle Resurge supplement scam

A business search via the North Carolina Secretary of State website has a business filing for Adonis Lifestyle. The LLC was formed on May 29, 2009.

Adonis Lifestyle Resurge supplement scam

ClickBank Supplement

Adonis Lifestyle promotes its products through the ClickBank Marketplace. ClickBank is an Iowa-based business, with an extensive history of promoting scams. The company doesn’t validate the legitimacy of its affiliates or their products. Anyone can promote their products through ClickBank.

ClickBank affiliates promote their products by utilizing irrelevant research studies. The studies are legit, just not affiliated with ClickBank supplements. They also buy ads and press releases that are not provided by real customers.

Afterword – Tea Burn Scam (Teaburn Scam)

Is Tea Burn a scam? There is no evidence of a scam. The website claims Adonis Lifestyle is the manufacturer. BBB rates the company a B+. BBB complaints show the company has a history of difficult returns and refunds.

Adonis Lifestyle Resurge supplement scam

Adonis Lifestyle utilizes research that isn’t associated with its supplements. This is a deceptive practice to make it appear as if the supplements have undergone extensive scientific testing. There is no guarantee, the vendor has ever tested its products.

Tea Burn returns are processed by a shipping fulfillment center, according to the Terms and Conditions Policy. Why wouldn’t the vendor handle its own returns?

It is questionable why any legitimate company would promote its products at ClickBank. ClickBank has an extensive collection of shady affiliates. ClickBank affiliates are notorious for utilizing fake celebrity, doctor, and athlete endorsements.

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