CarboFix – A ClickBank Affiliate Supplement

0 is an online supplement vendor. CarboFix is a weight loss supplement that works by enhancing the metabolic rate.

About The Manufacturer

The brains behind CarboFix is former Britain’s Got Talent contestant Matt Stirling and his company “Gold Vida.” The CarboFix formula derives from natural ingredients, according to the official website.

ClickBank Affiliate

The vendor partners with ClickBank, an Idaho-headquartered company, to peddle its product to American consumers. Anyone and everyone familiar with ClickBank’s affiliate program knows it is plagued with scams.

The vendor also utilizes the domain, which is not affiliated with ClickBank, a BBB-accredited business.

No Facebook Page

The website does not have a Facebook page. It is odd for an e-commerce vendor to not have a social media outlet like Facebook. Also, Matt Stirling does not have a Facebook.

Suspicious Images

The website share images with other websites. For example, a female taking a selfie in a locker room is utilized by two other supplement vendors, including ProMind Complex. It appears most or all of the images are replicas from other websites.

Image: CarboFix
Image: ProMind Complex
Image: CarboFix
Image: Google Search Results

Domain Information

The website was established on August 12, 2019.

Image: WhoIs

Afterword – CarboFix Scam

Is CarboFix a scam? With little available evidence, Nayzayerz cannot validate the legitimacy of Matt Stirling or CarboFix. We were able to validate ClickBank as a licensed company and affiliate marketplace.

There are really not benefits for shopping on ClickBank affiliate websites other than convenience. It appears ClickBank withholds payment from the affiliate until the order is processed. One source claims ClickBank withholds payment for up to two weeks before depositing it in to the affiliate’s account. Another source claims it is three weeks.

Since ClickBank is BBB-accredited, there will no issue getting a refund for unprocessed orders.

There is no significant information about the vendor, just a story about Matt Stirling who may or may not be a legitimate person.

A Google search rendered loads of CarboFix reviews, which is very common with ClickBank affiliate products. It is important to note, most review websites do not actually sample the products they review. They do not even write the reviews. The reviews are written by an unknown third-party and uploaded to the review website for a few bucks.

Consumers should not trust unofficial review sites because they do not have the consumer’s best interest at heart. They have one goal in mind, make money, which is exactly what they do without integrity or guilt.

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