Cardpool Gift Card Exchange May Be Operating Under


Cardpool Gift Card Exchange May Be Operating Under is a platform for buying and selling gift cards. The platform is no longer in operation, which may be linked to 2,037 buyer and seller complaints via BBB.  BBB has issued three alerts for Cardpool, including zero-balance gift cards, money-back guarantee violations, and invalid Amazon e-gift cards.


GiftDeals –

GiftDeals is a gift card exchange platform like Cardpool. What makes these e-commerce platforms so unique is they are interconnected. If you input in the search browser, you will be redirected to The thousands of customer complaints forced Cardpool to halt operations. To avoid a complete shutdown and a total loss of a scam gift card platform, Cardpool decides to redirect to a completely new website, which just happens to be

There is no evidence to validate if Cardpool paid to redirect to GiftDeals or the two platforms are owned and operated by the same individual(s). However, there is a reason why Cardpool is redirected to GiftDeals.

Cardpool Recommends Utilizing Other Gift Card Exchange Platforms

Cardpool recommends utilizing four other gift exchange platforms, including:

  • Cardswapper (redirected to
  • (Evolve Bank & Trust)
  • is linked to Cardpool, which is obvious through its URL ( This is most likely a Cardpool affiliate.

GiftDeals Address

GiftDeals utilizes the address, PO Box 62, Colleyville, TX 76034. It is impossible to validate USPS post office box addresses.


GiftDeals does not offer returns, refunds, or exchanges for gift cards, with two exceptions. The buyer must successfully prove their gift balance was not the value stated by the buyer. The second exception is the gift card information cannot be accessed by the buyer, according to GiftDeals’ Refund Policy.


GiftDeals’ Purchase Guarantee does not include gift cards that are no longer honored by retailers or issuers. Gift card balances begin to lose value after 60 days of the initial purchase date. Gift card balances are devalued by $125 per quarter. $500-balances after 60 days is devalued by $125. In other words, all balances past 60 days are devalued.


Invalid Purchase Guarantee

Cardpool issued an alert on its website to warn buyers they will no longer be protected under its Buyer Protection Guarantee. Cardpool recommends a police report for customers who experienced financial losses due to “dishonest sellers.”


Cardpool claims to utilize the KyckGlobal payment processing solution to transfer gift card balances to buyers’ e-wallets. While there is no evidence to support the claim, Cardpool transfers a seller’s gift card balance to its KyckGlobal account, and to the buyer’s e-wallet. So, how is it, Cardpool blames “dishonest sellers” for zero-balance e-gift cards?

Domain Information was registered on May 29, 2003. was registered on August 6, 1999. Both domains are registered with GoDaddy. was registered on September 20, 2010. There is no evidence these websites are connected other than they are recommended by Cardpool. is redirected to, a major red flag.

GiftDeals Trustpilot Customer Reviews

GiftDeals has a 67 percent 1-star customer rating. Customers claim they never received their gift cards and received zero-balance gift cards.

Image: Trustpilot

Afterword – Cardpool Scam – GiftDeals Scam

Is Cardpool a scam? Is GiftDeals a scam? Yes, Cardpool is a scam, according to 2,037 BBB complaints. The mere fact, redirects to is a major red flag. If you are concerned about gift card scams, stay clear of Cardpool and GiftDeals.

Consumers who purchase gift cards via GiftDeals are not always protected under a Purchase Guarantee.

GiftDeals is beginning to rack up 1-star customer ratings via Trustpilot. The customer reviews are virtually the same as Cardpool’s BBB complaints. While there is no evidence to validate if both gift exchange platforms are owned and operated by the same individual(s), it does appear to be so.

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