CentralityOne – An In-Depth Genuine Review


Centralityone.com is an e-commerce vendor that specializes in garden décor. The CentralityOne collection includes suncatchers, wind chimes, metal plants, steel gnomes, cat sculptures, tree statues, metal wall art, and solar lights.

Image: CentralityOne

About Vendor

The vendor describes itself as a “group of young, active talented people.” About Us and Contact Us pages do not provide significant information for validation purposes.

Domain Information

The website was registered on August 14, 2020.

Image: WhoIs

Not BBB-Accredited

The website is not accredited by or registered with the BBB.

Facebook Complaints

The CentralityOne Facebook page had several complaints. A post written by Carolyn C. four weeks ago claims CentralityOne overcharged her by $10. Another post by Lynda S. refers the CentralityOne as a “scam.”

Image: Facebook

Linda S. wrote a Facebook complaint that claims CentralityOne refused her a full refund. But, instead, offered her $3 for a $58.98 order. The review also claimed CentralityOne products were overpriced.

Image: Facebook

The Facebook page has not been active since December 12, 2020.

AliExpress Replicas

The CentralityOne collection is also available on AliExpress. For example, the CentralityOne Verde Bumble Cactus and Pink Flower is sold for $34.99. The same exact product is available via AliExpress for $12.85.

Image: AliExpress

Afterword – CentralityOne Scam

Is CentralityOne a scam? It does appear to be. The negative Facebook reviews and complaints definitely do not make the website look legit. For those who refuse to purchase from non-accredited-BBB websites, CentralityOne is not accredited by BBB. If you go through with the purchase, there will be no medium to assist, in the event, you are scammed.

Image: Facebook

The same products are available on AliExpress, which makes us think, the vendor is dropshipping. The mere fact, one of the posts claimed CentralityOne products are poor quality validates this is an AliExpress dropshipper.

CentralityOne prices are nearly double of AliExpress prices for the same products.

8 thoughts on “CentralityOne – An In-Depth Genuine Review

  1. CentralityOne is a SCAM. The products I received were NOT anything like what was depicted in the picture. Should be blocked from Facebook immediately.

  2. This company stole my 15% quantity discount-$22
    Flimsy product bends in the wind. They did not supply stakes as claimed in FAQs and then told me they don’t. Website says Made in the USA That must be a town in China.

    1. None of these products are made in America. Some vendors must utilize software that alters images to make them look unique. The deception is not detected until the customer opens the package. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Nothing about this company is legit! I ordered 2 “Hand made stained glass cat suncatchers.” The description was well written and the photos matched the description very well. They tell you the type of glass, talk about the many pieces of glass, and the raised fused glass eyes. What I received were thin acrylic sheets with a printed picture of the cat laminated to the back. The backing is opaque white. You can not see through these. I just today received my metal agave plant. It too looks nothing like the picture. It has damaged leaves (dented and the paint chipping off) the leaves are very narrow and is only about two inches across the base.The paint job is a joke. When I complained to the company, the said that the warehouse sent me the right thing, so they have no channel for me to return them. And then they said thanks so understanding and to have a nice day. Do not buy anything from this place. This is a scam,

  4. I’m still waiting for my Made in USA products to arrive. I’m worried. I should have read this first. Not looking good As usual too good to be true

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