CeraCare – A ClickBank Affiliate Supplement


Ceracare.us is an online supplement website. The CeraCare supplement supports blood glucose and natural detoxification. The website does not list the ingredients, but claims the formula is “natural.”

Image: CeraCare

Money-Back Guarantee

The vendor claims to offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. However, the Disclaimer says otherwise. The Disclaimer states product sold “AS IS.”

Image: CeraCare
Image: CeraCare

Made In USA

The vendor claims CeraCare is manufactured in the United States. There is no address or phone number on the website that can be utilized for validation purposes.

Image: CeraCare

ClickBank Affiliate

The vendor is a ClickBank affiliate. Vendors can promote their products on the ClickBank affiliate marketplace. ClickBank deducts about $2.50 from each sale. ClickBank claims to protect the consumer’s payment

Domain Information

The website was registered On November 26, 2020.

Image: WhoIs

Suspicious Images

CeraCare utilizes that are questionable. The “Feel Great Live Incredible” image is just one example. The same image is utilized by various dental websites – SV Dental, Dr. Larry DDS, My Milton Dentist, and others.

Image: Bing

Not BBB-Accredited

CeraCare is not accredited by or registered with BBB.

Afterword – CeraCare Scam

Is CeraCare a scam? There is not enough evidence available to make this determination. The vendor is a ClickBank affiliate. If you know anything about the ClickBank affiliate program, you know legitimate companies avoid it at all costs. While affiliates defend the ClickBank platform, many consumers disagree. Before purchasing from a ClickBank affiliate, it is crucial to take the time to view the company’s BBB filing. Consumers have filed 124 BBB complaints against ClickBank in the last year.

Image: BBB

ClickBank affiliate integrity is questionable. Claiming your product is manufactured in the United States without providing proof is not integrity.

When the ClickBank Disclaimer states products are sold as-is, refunds are out of the question. The affiliate, on the other hand, is guaranteeing a 90-day money-back guarantee. All transactions are through ClickBank, not the affiliate vendor.

Consumers should avoid vendors who do not disclose the ingredients utilized in their supplements. Third-party purity testing is important because it provides consumers with the proof they need to determine if a supplement is legit, safe, and potentially effective.

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