ClickBank Supplement Altai Balance Scam Or Legit?

0 is an online supplement vendor. Altai Balance supports blood glucose, according to the website.

About The Vendor

The website does not have About Us or Contact Us pages. The links do not work.

ClickBank Affiliate

The vendor is a ClickBank affiliate. ClickBank is an online marketplace that promotes a broad range of products. Becoming a ClickBank affiliate is a fairly simple process. While ClickBank is a legitimate Idaho-registered business and Keynetics Inc. subsidiary, its affiliate program is questionable.

ClickBank affiliates have a history of scamming consumers. In the last year, ClickBank has resolved 87 customer complaints, regarding false health benefit claims. Most of the complainants claimed the supplements were ineffective. One example, a complaint filed on August 29, 2021, claimed CarboFix was an ineffective weight loss supplement.

The complainants had been denied refunds by ClickBank and its affiliates. It is shameful, ClickBank refused to resolve these refund requests before BBB getting involved.

Vendor Deceptive About Research

ClickBank affiliates are not pharmaceutical or supplement companies. They are nothing more than affiliates for supplement manufacturers. Like most ClickBank and other online vendors utilize research studies for the ingredients in their supplements. The vendor is leading consumers to believe, the provided research is relevant to Altai Balance. When, in fact, the research is irrelevant to Altai Balance. It was conducted by the American Diabetes Association, National Center for Biotechnology Information “NCBI”, and frontiers in Pharmacology.


This is deceptive a deceptive practice, ClickBank is ignoring. Looking at the image provided below, you can see where the vendor is giving credit for the research. While ignoring the fact, it is not related to Altai Balance.


Suspicious Images

The vendor utilizes images that are replicated from other websites. For example, the “Manufactured Under The Highest Quality, Strict and Precise Standards” image is utilized by FabricAir, Dayton Region Israel Trade, NovaAspect, JLP LeptiSense, Pimsa, Merino Consulting Services, JSG Johnson Service Group, and PIMSA.

Image: Fabricair

Low Stock

Another deception is a low stock alert. The vendor issues a warning that reads “September 2021: Stock Levels of Altai Balance Are Limited. Accept Your Reserved Bottles Above Now Before Your Discount Expires. This is an effort by the vendor to entice consumers to buy now, think later.


Domain Information

The website was registered on March 10, 2021. The registrant contact is registered as jack ken at Ha Noi, Van Ninh, 7283 AL.


Afterword – Altai Balance Scam

Is Altai Balance a scam? There is no evidence to support such claims. However, the vendor is an affiliate of ClickBank, an online marketplace that promotes affiliate products. The affiliate utilizes deceptive practices to legitimize Altai Balance. Paid reviews and press releases are just two examples.

The research claims are also questionable. The vendor makes it appear as if the research is relevant to Altai Balance. When, in fact, the research was conducted by various scientists in 2012, 2014, 2017, and 2019.

There is no evidence, Altai Balance has been tested for potency and safety. The content does not mention third-party testing.

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