ClickBank Supplement Biotox Gold Nutrition – Not Paid Advertisement

0 is an e-commerce supplement store. Biotox Gold supports healthy weight loss, according to the website. Other websites connected to Biotox Gold include:


About The Vendor

The manufacturer of Biotox Gold is Biotox Nutrition at 19655 E 35th Dr., #100, Aurora, CO 80011. A Google Maps search connects the address to a former Ethan Allen Warehouse. The business is listed as “permanently closed” by Google.

Image: Google Search

A business search via the Colorado Secretary of State website did not render results for Biotox Nutrition.

Image: Colorado Secretary of State

Domain Information

The domain was registered on February 7, 2020, with eNom LLC, a domain reseller platform.

Image: WhoIs

Irrelevant Research

The vendor opted to utilize irrelevant research studies to back its weight loss, health, and fitness claims for Biotox Gold. While the research is available through relevant sources – Medical News Today, The Star, Healthline,, and NCBI, it is not associated with Biotox Gold. This is just the ClickBank affiliate’s way of trying to validate the benefit claims of Biotox Gold Nutrition.

ClickBank Affiliate

Here, we have another ClickBank supplement. The vendor is a ClickBank affiliate, not a licensed supplement manufacturer, medical professional, or pharmacist. ClickBank has an online marketplace that allows vendors to sell their products. ClickBank, headquartered in Boise, Idaho, oversees the checkout process, but not shipping and handling.

Image: BBB

ClickBank’s affiliate program does not have the best reputation. The company has closed hundreds of BBB complaints, regarding unauthorized credit card charges, ineffective supplements, refund issues, and non-deliveries.


The only reason ClickBank has an A+ rating is it is BBB-accredited. The company does appear to respond to customer complaints, but many of them are ignored until BBB gets involved, according to the hundreds of customer complaints and 1.65-star rating.

Shutterstock Images

The website does not utilize unique images. For example, the image (provided below) is a Shutterstock image, found on various websites. A legitimate manufacturer would have no issues finding unique images to promote its products.

Image: Google Search

Summary – Biotox Gold Scam

Is Biotox Gold a scam? Is Biotox Nutrition a scam? There is no evidence of these claims. However, there is evidence, Biotox Nutrition is not licensed by the State of Colorado. The vendor is a ClickBank affiliate, not a legitimate manufacturer. No relevant manufacturer would promote its supplements via ClickBank.

The vendor utilizes irrelevant research to promote Biotox Gold, as there are no studies associated with the product. The provided research studies are conducted by reliable sources but have nothing whatsoever to do with this supplement.

The product’s online presence is limited to ClickBank’s affiliate platform and paid reviews. Paid reviews cannot be trusted, as they are written by individuals who have never actually tried the products. They are always written in favor of the product.

You may be under the protection of ClickBank. However, a quick scan of the company’s BBB complaints says it all.

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