Clothing Clover Scam – MissyDresses.Ca Is At It Again

Unfortunately, Americans are always going to be the number one targets of scammers. Scam artists seen to think you’re sitting on a golden toilet and the owner of is no different. Now, this individual has set up a new website and continues selling less than perfect attire. That new website is Within this guide, you’ll learn more about the Clothing Clover scam.


About Clothing Clover

First and foremost, we should try to find out as much as we can about Clothing Clover. On the website, we can find a phone number and address at the bottom of the page. When searching for the address 567 S Hollywood Rd Houma, LA 70360, we learn that it is actually owned by TTMK Motorsports and Continental Logistics Group LLC. There is nothing to show that Clothing Clover has warehouses or anything in this area because they likely don’t.

The phone number being used is (985) 228-6557. A quick reverse search of that phone number shows that it is a non-fixed VoIP. This means it is a number someone got from Skype or Google Voice. We suspect Google Voice because it is free and this gives them the ability to be located from anywhere in the world.


Customs & Import Tax

One thing customers do not know when buying from Clothing Clover is that these dresses are coming from China. So, there is a risk that you’re going to pay custom duties and import taxes. Yes, you’re going to be responsible for these charges and not Clothing Clover. The site says “It is the buyer’s responsibility for any custom duty fee that might be charged from delivery.”

missydresses scam

Terms Of Use

Finally, we make our way over to the site’s “Term of use” page and see that it is using the URL This means that the owner of the site simply copied and pasted their previous Terms of Use and reused it for their new site And this is where things go wrong for Clothing Clover. Unfortunately, Missydresses has received a lot of negative reviews for several reasons.

First, customers have to pay additional fees when their items arrive. Furthermore, the dresses they receive are low-quality and nothing like what they see in the pictures. Finally, there are no returns. You cannot return anything you’ve purchased on Missydresses or They don’t have a US-based warehouse so sending your items back to China is less than ideal.

The negative reviews were placed in 2016 to 2019. So, we assume the negative reviews hurt MissyDresses’s business and they’ve decided to create a new website called Clothing Clover to do it all over again. scam
More complaints about MissyDresses

Straight From Alibaba?

When searching ClothingClover for dresses, we notice that a lot of the pictures are not working. Nevertheless, a few are working and we can use those to learn a lot more about ClothingClover’s products. When performing a reserve image search on their Fashion Crystal with Flowers Earrings, we find that a lot of sites are selling the same exact earrings. This includes websites such as,,,,,,,, and

alibaba clothing clover scam
Clothing Clover earrings for $25

Since they’re being sold on AliExpress, we can almost guarantee that these products are coming from Alibaba. is selling these earrings for $25.20. Sound like a good deal? Think again! The same product is available on AliExpress for less than $2. The owner of ClothingClover is hoping you’re foolish enough to pay $25 for an item that was made for less than $2.

clothing clover scam
Same earrings for $2 on AliExpress


Why You’ll Want To Avoid ClothingClover

Clothing Clover’s website tells you why you want to avoid it. “ is a Hong Kong based retailer”. It is a website created by someone hoping to make it rich thanks to unsuspecting Americans. They’re making nothing and likely drop shipping it directly from AliExpress. Heck, they’re making more than $20 each time you buy a pair of earrings. These are not business practices that we can recommend.

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  1. Another scam through clothing clover is They advertise NBA jerseys at 79.99US$, you do not receive the product orders you receive a Burberry Item that is clearly counterfeit, except for the Burberry tag attached to the item.
    Of course there is no way to reach anyone, and the site that processed the payment says it’s not their problem.

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