Clothing Shop Online – Heavily Discounted Oakley Backpack Scams

0 is an online retailer of clothing, designer duffel bags, and luggage. The selection includes a mixture of name-brand and knockoffs.



The prices for most of the products are fairly affordable, some appear to be too affordable. For example, the Rabbit Skins Infant Baby Rib Bodysuit is sold for $2.90. Nayzayerz compared the price of the Oakley 30L Enduro 2.0 Backpack. On Clothing Shop Online, it is available for $60.60. Oakley is charging $100 on its website for the same backpack, a difference of $39.40.


About Us Page

The About Us page does not provide any significant details about the website. The Contact Us page only shows the phone number (562) 356 4520. According to, the phone number is a “non-fixed VoIP,” which means it is a Google or Skype number.

Image: WhitePages

BBB shows the address 15400 S Green Rd., Olathe, KS 66061, which goes to a warehouse in Olathe, Kansas. Google does not show the address belonging to the Clothing Shop Online.

Domain Information

The website was registered on April 28, 2009, via a proxy.

Image: WhoIs

BBB F Rating

Since the Clothing Shop Online is not a BBB-accredited business, it has an F rating. The website has a lot of complaints about non-deliveries and overcharges. One customer described the items as “poor quality,” making it appear as if she did receive her order.

Image: BBB

Afterword – Is Clothing Shop Online A Scam?

There isn’t enough information to determine if the website is legit. But, with so many red flags looming over the website, it is likely to be a scam. The scam artist registered the site through a proxy to avoid detection. So far, it looks like the website has done a great job scamming American consumers out of hundreds of dollars.

Also, it is unlikely any website is going to offer brand-name products at $40 below the retail price. If this were to be the case, the Clothing Shop Online is losing hand over fist. This definitely does not apply to this website because too many customers are complaining about non-deliveries.

Clothing Shop Online Scam

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