Colorado-Based Novelty Lights – Scam Or Legit?

0 is an e-commerce store, specializing in lighting fixtures. The Novelty Lights collection includes Christmas, rope. LED, outdoor, and string lights.

About Novelty Lights

Novelty Lights, LLC claims to be based in Colorado. The Contact Us page provides the address, 9800 E Easter Ave., Suite 160, Centennial, CO 80112. Google Maps validates the address as being legit.


Other websites utilizing the same address include:

  • Paws & Co Dog Chews (
  • Chef’s Corner Store
  • Rhino Creek, Inc.
  • Netstructures, Inc.
Image: Google Maps


Novelty Lights is accredited by BBB, with an A+ rating and 2.67-star customer rating. The vendor has 1 BBB complaint, regarding poor-quality C7 LED Christmas Blinking Lights. The customer claimed to have more than $200, including shipping. Novelty Lights responded to the complaint, offering a replacement. The customer’s response claimed she would be responsible for the initial and return shipping.

Image: BBB

There are three customer reviews, a mixture of 1-, 2-, and 5-stars. A review posted on November 29, 2021, claimed they never received their order. A 2-star customer review posted on December 10, 2020, claims Novelty Lights never shipped out their order. Novelty Lights did not respond to either of these reviews.

Image: BBB

A review posted on November 17, 2020, claimed to have purchased almost $6,000 from Novelty Lights. The customer reports a few lights were returned but was overall satisfied with the purchase. Novelty Lights responded, thanking the customer for the 5-star review.

Image: BBB

The COO of Novelty Lights is Luigi Lo Basso.

Image: BBB

Colorado Business Search

A business search via the Colorado Secretary of State website validates Novelty Lights as a Foreign Limited Liability Company.

Image: Colorado Secretary of State Website

Afterword – Novelty Lights Scam

Is Novelty Lights a scam? No, Novelty Lights is a Foreign Limited Liability Company registered in the State of Colorado. The company is accredited by BBB, with an A+ rating. A BBB customer complaint claimed to have purchased Novelty Lights products and describes them as “defective.” A Yelp customer review repeats these claims.

Two BBB customer reviews claim their orders were never shipped. Novelty Lights did not try to find a resolution for these customers. Unfortunately, there is no evidence to support the legitimacy of the claims, but Novelty Lights did not dispute them.

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