CommonBunny Mosquito Lure Trap Lamp – Is It A Scam Trap?


As an American consumer who does most of your shopping online, it is likely you have come across AliExpress and Alibaba, Chinese multinational technology companies. Both of these sites offer decent prices on Chinese-produced products.


When Alibaba and AliExpress are not selling directly, they have little elves to do the work for them. Consumers who are not familiar with how these websites work should do a bit of research. To jumpstart your research, Nayzayerz is going to provide a short rundown of how these websites operate.

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How Does Alibaba And AliExpress Work?

First, products on Alibaba are based in China. The consumer has the option of purchasing a single item or in bulk. Buying bulk will reduce the price of each item by a few cents. But, the bigger the bulk, the bigger the price reduction.

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Unlike Alibaba, AliExpress items are mostly located in a City of Industry, California warehouse. Vendors of AliExpress products generally peddle their goods on Amazon and eBay. When a consumer purchases from one of these vendors, the vender in turn places an order through AliExpress utilizing the consumer’s personal information – name and physical address.

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If the consumer gets lucky, the item will arrive bearing the City of Industry address. Basically, the vendor never even touched the item, just had it dropshipped from AliExpress or Alibaba. Nayzayerz recently purchased a mini air conditioner from an eBay seller. When it arrived, the shipping label showed that it shipped from a warehouse in the City of Industry, California.

Image: Nayzayerz

Image: Nayzayerz

Common Bunny Mosquito Killer Lamp

The Common Bunny Insect Lamp is being sold for $29.95. The same unit is being sold on AliExpress for $2.60 plus an additional $11 for USPS shipping. It is also available on Alibaba for $4.20 plus an additional $29.16 for shipping.

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Domain Information was registered on February 18, 2018, to someone or an entity in Panama, Panama, a city in Central America. The About Us doesn’t provide many details about the website. However, the author claims the website was established in 2017, which is totally false, according to the WhoIs Domain Check.

The Contact Us or About Us pages do not provide any significant details about the website. No physical address or phone number.


The website claims to offer free shipping but the Shipping Policy tells a different story. Some items must include free shipping while others require a $75 purchase to earn free shipping. At least, the Shipping Policy is revealing the product origin which is international warehouses. It can take between one to five weeks for orders to arrive, according to the Shipping Policy.


Nayzayerz does not recommend doing business with any website that withholds important details, such as a physical address, phone number, and other contact information. If you are determined to purchase these items, do it through a licensed vendor like Amazon or eBay. If you purchase from, there is no guarantee of a refund, or the items will arrive.

The website’s Twitter page shows only six followers even though it was established in April 2018. The Facebook page has 137 followers but still no address or phone number. There are no Facebook posts and only one Twitter post on July 22, 2018.

There is no way to determine if Common Bunny is legit. But, all the missing important details makes the website look fishy. At least, with a credit card, the odds of getting a refund for non-delivered or damaged items is fairly high.

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