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CBD scam


Condor CBD Gummies Review – Not A Paid Advertisement is an e-commerce site for Condor CBD Gummies.

About Condor CBD

The website does not have Contact Us or About Us pages.

Copyrighted Images

Condor utilizes copyrighted images. Various e-commerce CBD vendors utilize the same images.

  • Mike Wolfe CBD Gummies
  • Golden Love CBD Gummies
  • Pure Kana CBD Gummies
  • Pioneer Woman CBD Gummies
  • GrownMD CBD Gummies

The images utilized under the title “That’s Why CBD May Help Thousands of Ailments” are also copyrighted. The man yawning can be found on various websites, including the Solitaire Medical Group, Medium, and more.

CBD scams
CBD scam
Image: Google Search

The physician’s pic appears to be linked to Condor CBD. The review images are also copyrighted. One example is the man wearing the baseball cap. The image belongs to Detroit Beard Collective’s Video “Get Your Beard the Best.”

CBD scams
Image: Facebook

Paid Advertisement

The vendor has acquired boatloads of paid advertisements on numerous websites. Consumers shouldn’t base their buying decisions solely on paid advertisements. Instead, look for legitimate customer reviews through reliable websites.

Not BBB-Accredited

Condor CBD is not accredited by or registered with the BBB.


Afterword – Condor CBD Gummies Scam

Is Condor CBD Gummies a scam? There is no evidence of a scam. However, there is evidence the vendor utilizes copyrighted images, including customer review photos. Why would a legitimate brand need to resort to copyrighted images?

The vendor doesn’t provide consumers with its address, phone number, or other pertinent information.

Consumers should beware when shopping for supplements online. There are literally thousands of CBD product brands on the market. These products are not regulated by the FDA. Unless the manufacturer is legitimate, consumers are left guessing about the quality and purity of these supplements.

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