Cosmic Scope – Modern Life Trend Monocular Telescope – Fake Or Real!

11 is an e-commerce vendor. The selection is limited to a smart monocular camera deemed “Cosmic Scope.” Adjustable tripod, 300x zoom, universal compatibility, and a 4K HD lens are just to name a few of the Cosmic Scope features.

Image: Cosmic Scope Modern Life Trend

About The Vendor

The website is missing an About Us page and may as well not have a Contact Us, which only provides the phone number (855) 424-6850. A Google search, which shows the phone number linked to CosmicScope, produced the brand “Modern Life Trend” and address 105 Serra Way, #264, Milpitas, CA 95035.

Image; Modern Life Trend Website

A Google search connects the address to The Postal Shop, a shipping service authorized by FedEx.

Image: Google Search

Modern Life Trend

A business search via the California Secretary of State website (see image below) did not render results for Modern Life Trend or Cosmic Scope. The brand operates the website, which provides a unique address 427 E 17th St, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 and phone number (855) 343-2553. A Google search connects the address to the shipping service “Mail To Go.” The phone number is unique to Modern Life Trend.

Image: Google Results

The Modern Life Trend Facebook page has quite a few postings with four followers. Cosmic Scope does not appear to be connected to Facebook.

Domain Information

The website was registered with NameCheap on February 12, 2021.

Image: WhoIs

Not BBB-Accredited

Neither brand is registered with or accredited by the BBB.


Cosmic Scope may very well be an Alibaba replica. Side-by-side, the two scopes look the same, with the exception of the lens cap. The Alibaba replica is priced at $7 excluding shipping and handling. Cosmic Scope is priced at $49.99 plus $9.99 for shipping and handling per unit.

Image: Alibaba

Afterword – Cosmic Scope Scam

Is Cosmic Scope a scam? With scant evidence, Nayzayerz cannot validate the claims. Both brands utilize virtual mailboxes, which probably says the website is operated by someone in China or India.

The mere fact, virtually the same monocular telescope is available at Alibaba draws a red flag. And, it should come as no surprise that the same scope is available via the Amazon Marketplace for $29.99. Placing the two brands side-by-side, no variances can be detected.

Image: Amazon (Cosmic Scope on left)

If you want to protect your investment and save some money to boot, go with the Amazon version. We do not recommend the protection plan for an additional $2.99 since it obviously came from Alibaba.

There are just way too many e-commerce vendors peddling Alibaba items at significantly marked-up prices. Be sure to check out the Amazon reviews before your final decision. The Amazon reviews are obviously fake, they do not have a link to verify the customer’s product review history, which is very strange. Never witnessed this before, don’t know if it is something new for Amazon or just a deceptive technique to conceal fake reviews.

Image: Amazon

Never put your faith in Amazon “verified purchase” reviews, they are available through BlackHatWorld (BHW) and Fivver for a few bucks. How does it work? Amazon vendor provides customer with a code, which is then entered into the Amazon Marketplace, walla! You have yourself a free monocular telescope. Nah, just a few bucks for writing a fake review.

Image: California Secretary of State Website

Don’t understand why Amazon continues to allow their FBA and third-party sellers to utilize this deceptive practice when it jeopardizes their reputation. Guess they too big to fail!

Promises, Promises, Promises, Oh My!

11 thoughts on “Cosmic Scope – Modern Life Trend Monocular Telescope – Fake Or Real!

  1. I searched high and low for a “true” review of this product. It didn’t seem right to me to find multiple “review” websites that just repeated the advertised information available from their home page. The few personal experience reviews looked fabricated with nothing but good to say. I doubt seriously you would find 100% positive reviews even for a Rolls Royce.

    What your review doesn’t tell us is whether or not the product actually works or if there were problems with returns. I assume the information just isn’t available. However, the information you did give was enough for me not to do business with this outfit. I might add I’ve never trusted Amazon either. Thank you very much for your research!

  2. I have purchased this (cosmic scope) fro my son who is a commercial fisherman. After viewing the scope myself I came to the conclusion that I would hesitate to give it to m y 7yr. grandson. It is way to expensive for a kids toy. The add also said” 100% money back guarantee within 30 Days ..Not so.. You pay for shipping back and they keep a $13.95 ” processing Fee. The video shows this quite remarkable zoom feature you could focus in on someone’s head at over a couple on miles away?..not so. I was lucky to zoom in on a robins head from 10′ away.
    In short just another Indian scam. Just like these idiots who keep calling me from the SSA.
    Telling how they are going to suspend my ssa number. LOL..# FOINDIA

    1. Totally agree! Indians are running loads of online retail scams. The country obviously does not hold its people accountable for their fraudulent activities. We don’t know when American consumers will learn to research, research, and research. It is also a good idea to compare the products to those on the Alibaba and AliExpress platforms. These vendors are marking up prices by 100 percent, in many cases. Selling Chinese garbage to unaware consumers. The FTC needs to step up to the plate.

  3. I bought the monocular from Modern Life Trend, along with the accessory to allow me to take photos with my iPhone through the monocular. I bought it specifically to take pictures, as the product advertised (I already have a good pair of binoculars). The monocular and the accessory came without instructions and with no obvious way to attach phone to monocular for picture taking. I have called them during business hours with no answer, just a recorded message saying their business hours and to call back during that time. Total scam! I am usually very careful about potential scams and this is the first time I’ve ever been taken!

    1. This is not a business. Visit Alibaba or AliExpress to conduct a comparison. These products originate from China. These are just average Asian Indians and Chinese peddling this junk. We highly recommend conducting comparisons before investing. The same low-quality products are available at Amazon and eBay. Amazon was once an American-oriented e-commerce marketplace. This is no longer the case, as it is now a Chinese-oriented marketplace. Fifth Estate conduct a study to determine where Amazon returns (Chinese-made products) ended up. The study determined, Amazon returns ended up in landfills. How Amazon makes a profit is questionable. Instead of accepting Xmas returns, Amazon refunded and allowed its customers to keep their products. In order words, Amazon did not want to deal with the returns. What profitable company could afford to do such and make a profit?

  4. I did an impulse buy seeing the Cosmic Scope, (Which they label Mono Scope). As said by others, this is a cheap scope that is plastic with rubber wrap(not coating), with cheap, cheap, cheap action. Advertising is miss leading, showing zoomed in views which leads you to believe it has a zoom feature. When it was shipped, it was in a bubble envelope. (First sign of rip off). The light weight box it is in was mashed and torn, (Second strike). Then it has a nylon case…OK, with a cleaning cloth that is 1 inch by 3 inches. When I looked through it, the view was just ok and focus worked, but the action showed it was not anything close to quality. Seeing the rip off charges and with shipping it’s not worth sending back. That’s what they want. Just to get that money for the SCAM. STAY AWAY FROM THIS!!!! HOPEFULLY THE FED’S GET THEM FOR THIS.

    1. Always compare the products with those sold on Alibaba and AliExpress. Generally, this is where they originate from. Good luck, thanks for sharing your story with Nayzayerz.

      1. You can report the website to the hosting company. Someone claimed the hosting company would take it down. Don’t know for sure, but a possibility.

  5. The only thing that sucks as bad as this monocular is me for falling for it. “If it looks to good to be true” so simple.

    1. Even worse, the vendor is in India and returns are out of the question. Sadly, the SEC and FTC are doing nothing to bring awareness to these scam websites. It would really help if the mainstream media at least mentioned it once in awhile. That would way too much to ask, unfortunately. Thanks for sharing!

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