Credence Resource Management Scam – Not A Scam But A Headache For American Consumers


Unfortunately, a lot of Americans are going to find themselves in financial strife at some point. Some may not be able to pay their bills leading to calls from a collections agency. It can take a long time before the collections agency takes the case and begins calling the customer. As a result, many will suspect that the call is being placed by a scammer. While that might be the case, Credence Resource Management is not a scam. It is a headache to deal with but not a scam.


Who Is Credence Resource Management?

Credence Resource Management LLC is based out of Dallas, Texas. The company is located at 17000 Dallas Parkway Suite 204. Its website can be found at Credence Resource Management serves several industries including healthcare, utilities, telecommunications, and banking. It offers first party collections, third party collection, and runs inbound call centers.

Credence Resource Management is indeed registered with the State of Texas. It uses Texas Taxpayer Number 32052331348.

Physical Location

Credence utilizes the address 17000 Dallas Parkway, Ste 204, Dallas, TX 75248. A business search via the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts website revealed the company registered in the state of Texas on October 25, 2013.

Image: Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

Domain Information

The domain was registered on February 10, 2013, via a proxy.

Image: WhoIs


What Does Credence Resource Management Do?

When consumers are unable to pay their bills, some companies will use Credence to collect the debt. We found that Credence Resource Management works with various companies including AT&T, Direct TV, and others. However, Direct TV and AT&T seem to be the company’s biggest customers. Credence is responsible for contacting consumers and urging them to pay their debts. Some have accused the company of violating FDCPA Collection Practices.

That is a discussion for another time and place. The bottom line is that Credence Resource Management is a legitimate company and it is authorized to collect debts from consumers. Nevertheless, the company has numerous complaints with the Better Business Bureau and it likely a headache to deal with.

credence resource management scam

Complaints Against Credence Resource Management LLC

Since the Better Business Bureau has received a high volume of complaints against Credence, it only publishes the details for 50% of the total complaints filed. Suffice to say, there are lots of complaints against the company. Despite the number of complaints, the company surprisingly has a B rating with the BBB. It has had 415 complaints in the last 3 years and 233 complaints were closed in the last 12 months.

Many of the complaints associated with the company have to do with nonexistent debts. For instance, one customer says the company was “bullying me to pay for an account I was never liable for”. Credence responded and confirmed that AT&T had canceled and recalled the account with the notation that it was “credited in full”. So, this problem could easily be blamed on AT&T or Credence or both.

Another customer complains that Direct TV sent his/her account to Credence. The customer sent payment to Credence but they were not happy that their credit report did not reflect that payment. This is a common trend. Customer information has fallen into the wrong hands leading to Credence Resource Management hurting innocent people’s credit.

Or, the agency hasn’t been able to remove the negative information quickly enough and customers want it gone.

credence resource management bbb complaints

How To Handle Credence Resource Management

Due to the complaints with the Better Business Bureau, it is clear that Credence sometimes gets incorrect information. Therefore, consumers should not immediately pay the bill when the company calls. Instead, they should first confirm that the debt is indeed theirs. If it is not, there is no reason to pay the debt. If Credence has the wrong person, the company will remedy its mistakes.

While some of this can be blamed on Credence, it is hard to ignore the fact that another company passed the case to Credence. In many situations, that was AT&T and Direct TV. So, these companies are partly responsible. Sadly, the damage is likely already done. The customer’s credit is damaged and it takes time to repair that damage.

Credence RM exposed a customer’s name in response to a BBB complaint.

Image: BBB

When it is a mistake from either Credence, AT&T, DirectTV, or another company, it is unacceptable. Tell us about your experience with Credence by visiting the Nayzayerz forums!

Credence Resource Management Scam

Credence is not a scam but it may feel like it when you are on the receiving end of an outstanding AT&T or DirectTV debt.

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