Cutco – Deceptive Affiliate Marketing Practices

0 is an online vendor of cutlery. The selection includes kitchen knives, shears, potato peelers, spatulas, cutting boards, cookware, flatware, and ice cream scoops.

Domain Information

The website was registered on October 9, 1995 to the Cutco Corporation.

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About Us

Cutco, headquartered at 1116 E State St., Olean, NY 14760, was established in 1949 as the Alcas Corporation by Case Cutlery and Alcoa. The company became the Cutco Corporation in 2009.

A business search via the NYS Department of State validates Cutco as an active domestic business corporation.

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Cutco is accredited by BBB, with an A+ BBB rating and a 2.52-star customer review rating. The company has racked up quite a few customer complaints regarding its unprofessional “recruiting practice.”

It appears Cutco, Vector Marketing, has an affiliate program that targets high school and college students. Madalyn M claims the company runs a “pyramid scheme.”

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It is unclear how the company obtains its data – names, emails, and addresses – associated with students. Another customer complaint claims the company solicits young people enticing them to purchase an affiliate startup kit.

Image: BBB

The company encourages its affiliates to become door-to-door salespersons, which everyone knows poses safety risks. Justin W claims the company offers students part- and full-time positions without hourly pay.

Afterword – Cutco Scam

Is Cutco a scam? The company itself is legitimate but its marketing practices are as close to being illegal without being illegal. Vector Marketing preys on teens and young adults, hoping to entice them to purchase a starter kit for a specific amount of money.

The BBB customer complaints make one believe the company relies on its affiliate program to make a profit. Young people are some of our most vulnerable consumers because they are just starting out.

The affiliate program is a win-win for Cutco. Regardless of the outcome, Cutco does not take responsibility for unsold products. We live in a dangerous world, sending young people out into their communities to peddle this snake oil is out of the question. There are just way too many risks involved in this type of sales practice.

Here is another BBB-accredited business with loads of unresolved customer complaints and an A+ rating.

We cannot comment on the quality of Cutco products. But, we can safely say the company’s affiliate marketing tactics are inappropriate.

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