Dango Buds – Linked To PlayPods And Technik 3 Scams


The PlayPods price is $39 plus an additional $8.95 for shipping. Alibaba sells several versions of the wireless earbud. The i7s Mini TWS Earbud is very similar to the Dango Buds and Play Pods earbuds. The most noticeable difference is the price. The i7s is priced at $2.69 plus shipping.

Image: Dango Buds PlayPods

Domain Information

The website was registered on November 9, 2020. The getplaypods.com domain was registered on October 8, 2020.

Image: WhoIs
Image: WhoIS

About Us

The website does not have About Us or Contact Us pages. Play Pods claims it is located in the United States without offering a physical address. It utilizes the phone number (858) 208-0082. A Google search links the phone number to the Technik 3 SmartWatch, not Dango Buds or Play Pods.

The 858 area serves San Diego County, California.

Not BBB-Accredited

Neither of the websites is accredited or registered with BBB.

Afterword – Dango Buds Scam

PlayPods does have a Facebook page. Several customers have reached out to the website via Facebook in regards to non-deliveries and refund requests. Play Pods is refusing to respond to the complaints.

Sandra F claimed her order was never shipped. The only response she received from the website was a COVID-19 excuse.

Amelie V claimed she purchased a non-functioning Technik 3 Watch.

Image: Facebook

With no address, it is impossible to conduct a business search for either of the websites. The only evidence available is a few customer complaints regarding potential scams.

It is not recommended to purchase from unofficial websites. Even if your order is processed, you will probably end up overpaying for Alibaba junk.

It is possible, the website switched from PlayPods to Dango Buds in an attempt to evade negative feedback and customer complaints.

2 thoughts on “Dango Buds – Linked To PlayPods And Technik 3 Scams

  1. I purchased Dango Earbuds on 12/22. The website is so confusing with popup offers that I couldn’t tell that my purchase went through. I never received any notification that the purchase had gone through as I do for all other web purchases. That doesn’t speak well for their customer service. Finally I got an email on 12/23 at 5:01 PM saying that shipment on my order could take up to 14 days which is unacceptable. I called the customer service number and spoke with Kathryn requesting to cancel my order. She told me that was impossible because the order had shipped, although she couldn’t tell me when or what the tracking number is. When I told her that I received an email stating that shipment could take up to 14 days, she said that was a mistake. It’s now 12/25. The order was supposed to have shipped 2 days ago. I still haven’t received any notification or tracking number. I think Kathryn was lying to me, that the order never shipped and Dango is just refusing to cancel the order and keep my money.
    As far as returns go, it will be at my expense. I then have to call Dango when the tracking number shows it reaches Dango.
    I’ve tried reading reviews on Dango. Strangely, all reviews have pro Dango ads between the text. This company has all the earmarks of a rip off.

    1. I doubt it ever has shipped. I’d say it was someone running a website pretending to be a business. This individual just took your information and ordered the item for you on Aliexpress or Alibaba for a lot less.

      Alternatively, they might not have ordered it at all. How did you pay? PayPal or Credit card? File a dispute with your credit card company or PayPal. If you’re dealing with PayPal, make sure you escalate the claim when possible.

      Even if you do receive the item, you’ll likely be dissatisfied with them so there is no reason to wait to file a complaint. Hate that these foreign scammers mess with Americans during this difficult holidays. Shame.

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