Dentitox Pro – ClickBank Supplement – Scam Or Legit

0 is an e-commerce website, specializing in dietary supplements. Dentitox Pro supports oral health. Other websites connected to Dentitox Pro include:


About Dentitox Pro

The website does not have an About Us page. The Contact Us does not provide significant information for validation purposes. The Refund Policy provides a return shipping address – 19655 E 35th Dr., #100, Aurora, CO 80011. A Google Maps search connects the address to an abandoned Ethan Allen Warehouse.

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Domain Information

The website was established on November 19, 2021.

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“F” BBB Rating

Dentitox is rated an “F” by BBB linked to two customer complaints. The BBB business filing provides the address 37 Inverness Drive East, Suite 100, Englewood, CO 80112. A Google search connects the address to ShipOffers, a logistics service.

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Dentitox has two recent customer complaints filed through BBB. The most recent complaint was filed on July 23, 2021. The customer claims to have paid for a $75-order, which was never shipped. The response came from the Dentitox Pro team. The issue was resolved with a full refund.

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If BBB did its research, it would know the provided address is a shipping service, not the commercial property of Dentitox. This is validation, Dentitox is not based at this address. The vendor utilizes ShipOffers to manage its shipping processes.

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Colorado Business Search

There is no business filing for Dentitox, according to a business search via the Colorado Secretary of State website.

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1-Star Trustpilot Rating

A customer review posted on July 9, 2021, claims Dentitox’s health claims are false. The customer, Paul R., describes Dentitox Pro as a “supplement scam.”

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Dentitox Pro Paid Advertisement

The merchant has invested quite a bit of money in press releases and paid advertisements. The main purpose of paid advertisement is to provide legitimacy to specific brands, in this case, Dentitox Pro. The paid product reviews also make it difficult for consumers to obtain legitimate customer reviews. In all actuality, this unaffiliated review will not reach but very few consumers. This is unfortunate because some consumers will get caught up in another dietary supplement scheme.

There are about seven pages of Google search results connected to Dentitox Pro.

Clickbank Affiliate

Dentitox Pro is a ClickBank dietary supplement. It cannot be stressed enough, ClickBank supplement affiliates are not doctors, nurses, or pharmacists. There is no evidence of the origin, just the same ClickBank supplement claims.


ClickBank affiliates have a history of promoting ineffective supplements, non-deliveries, unauthorized credit card charges, and non-compliant with their own policies. Nayzayerz highly recommends reviewing ClickBank’s BBB filing before buying Dentitox Pro or any other affiliate product.

Afterword – Dentitox Pro Scam

Is Dentitox Pro a scam? There is no evidence to validate Dentitox Pro is a scam. There is no Colorado business filing for Dentitox Pro.

Dentitox Pro supplement is promoted by ClickBank, an online marketplace. As mentioned above, ClickBank affiliates have a long history of noncompliance with their shipping, refund, and shipping policies.

It is crucial for consumers to skip paid advertisement when conducting product research. It is common for ClickBank affiliates to buy press releases and paid reviews, in an attempt to legitimize their products. Paid reviews are written by BlackHatWorld “BHW” affiliate writers.

The website content is poorly written. It was not written by an American writer. Most unofficial supplement websites utilize the same layout or design.

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